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The Best Toys for Preschoolers

Are you finding it hard to figure out the best toys for your four-year-old? The toy market offers a range of toys for toddlers and children below five. Some of them look meaningful, while others seem not so effective. It is like collecting garbage in your house with that your child has hardly played. For a preschooler, toys that can help to learn are useful. Usually, children below-five show more interest in the empty box and wrapping paper. In the childhood period, children have a very short attention span. Before you decide on the best toys for children, it is necessary to understand the play skills.

Small children don’t like to sit in one place for a long time. Their mind easily distracts from one object to the other. They easily get bored with a toy. So, it is better to let your child plays with one toy for a day or two. Later, hide the particular toy for a week. And when you introduce the same toy after a week, he may find it a new thing to play. Children are attracted to eye-popping colour. So, buy a colourful toy.

List of Some Toys-

Organic Pencil Crayons
Gift your preschooler organic wax crayons. At this stage, children love to play with colours. The gift will help get control over hand movements in a coordinated way. Her pencil grip will improve.

A Drawing Book
Gifting a set of crayons is not enough. Gift a colouring book and teach her how to colour an object. She would enjoy colouring. Sooner and later she starts colouring better and gets control over her hands. It is the best way to prepare her for school.

Gift Wooden Blocks
Children are not happy with one object. When they have multiple objects to play, they can enjoy it. The best thing you can do is to gift wooden blocks containing pictures to join them to make an object. It will force a child to use his brain. The cognitive skill will improve.

Gift A Story Book Containing Pictures
If you are gifting a book that tells stories with pictures, it will be one of the most interesting gifts for the child. He would enjoy holding the book. It is best to give him the company as a reader so that he/she starts taking an interest in reading.

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DIY: Turn a Box Into a Play Stove!
Become your child's hero when you turn a cardbox box, some old CDs and a few odds and ends into this awesome play stove! Here's how to do it, courtesy of Parents magazine via Craigslist Dad: Materials: - 12x12x22-inch box (approximately) - X-Acto knife, cutting mat, thick rope - 3 brads - 3 Play-Doh lids - 3 plastic caps - 4 CDs - 20×12-inch piece of cardboard, scissors - 3 adhesive-backed kitchen hooks - Hot glue gun - You can find pretty cheap play utensils at IKEA or any toy store, or even make those out of cardboard, too! The point is to have fun with it - so if you're missing any of this stuff, just improvise with what you have lying around! Let your child help out with some recycling suggestions. How To: - Position flat box so flaps will be at right and left sides. - Use an X-Acto knife and cutting mat to cut an oven door, as shown. - Cut two 1-inch holes, about 6 inches apart, on oven door for handle; thread a thick rope through and knot in back to secure. - Push a brad through the center of each plastic Play-Doh lid and use to secure to the front of the stove for controls above the oven door. - Hot-glue a plastic cap over each brad. - Assemble box and hot-glue flaps shut. - Glue the four CDs to the top of the box for burners. - Bend the right and left 4 inches of the 20×12-inch cardboard piece at right angles to create a backsplash about 12×12 inches. - Trim bent side sections into triangular shapes, keeping the full width at the base. - Round off the top of the middle section with scissors and hot-glue to back of stove, as shown. - Adhere plastic kitchen hooks to backsplash to hold play utensils.