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The twelve members of EXO have appeared in gangster style in Lotte’s chocolate commercial. Lotte released the CF (Commercial Film) for chocolate brand “Crunky” with EXO as the stars on January 16. The 30 second advertisement shows the boys in martial arts action. The idols’ action and styles are in accordance with the taglines that have been selected by “Crunky”, which is “break, fall, get destroyed and face the world ruthlessly”. Lotte’s representative stated that the band’s image is suitable with the taglines. “EXO’s passionate and tough image suits that of Crunky’s brand image. We also expect good results from the commercial since EXO are one of the hottest idols these days with many fans,” the spokesperson said.
@divalycious well i guess me either hahahahaha but that's the thing sometimes I think Korean company go overboard with the whole K-fever T_T; I mean chocolate... does it have to be destrroyed, fell and break etc etc hahahah i am not complaining about the pretty boys part though hahah just the company's idea? ahhaha
@ameliasantos10 ... i know what you mean ... i thought it was a movie too, so over the top. On the flip side we get to see these pretty boys in action ... I'm not complaining ... ;)
I am sorry Lotte... but this looks a tiny bit ridiculous LOLLL the chocolate CF makes it look like it's a trailer for a new Gangster movie I couldn't help but cracked up really badly hahahahahha I don't know @divalycious what do you think about it? ahhahaa