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Popular group CNBLUE, consists of leader and vocalist Jung Yonghwa, guitarist Lee Jonghyun, drummer Kang Minhyuk, and bassist Lee Jungshin, celebrated their fourth anniversary yesterday. The boys have their unique way to celebrate the anniversary by revealing relay messages among the members every two hours as well special video greetings for fans. The message from Yonghwa to Jonghyun was the first relay video message shared to public. “It feels a little odd to leave a video message to you,” and “Because we see each other every day, it’s a little cringing to say something like this…” are what Yonghwa shared to show his awkwardness in leaving a message for fellow member. He also said, “Thank you for everything thus far, and let’s continue to try harder and create CNBLUE that grows together.” Second video was from Jonghyun to Minhyuk. Jonghyun said, “We did well in 2013, especially you..So I don’t need to be worried. Just like now, I hope you keep healthy while doing what you want to do earnestly,” and “Lets strive a cool activities in 2014, and make CNBLUE to be loved by a lot of people,” showing his support and hope for Minhyuk The third relay was from Minhyuk to Jungshin. “As a maknae [youngest] and a friend, always bring laughter to hyungs and me, thank you so much for laughing more than anyone else. Despite our less time to be together because of drama, but you’re still the same in our performance, doing it happily and never forget to smile,” Minhyuk shared his thankfulness to the group’s mood-maker, Jungshin. The last relay message was from Jungshin to Yonghwa. “I want to say I’m so thankful to Yonghwa hyung, who superbly leads CNBLUE for the past four years, going onto our fifth year. I know that this year, for the preparation of our new album, you are spending especially busy days out of the four of us. I understand fully that you’re under so much stress, and that you have many thoughts,” Jungshin said, praising his leader. To close their relay message video among members, CNBLUE shared a special greeting video for BOICE, CNBLUE’s fans club name. “Four years have passed in the blink of an eye. I think it was possible all because of our BOICE who guarded us,” the leader shared their thankfulness to fans. CNBLUE also asked fans to continue supporting them, as Jonghyun said, “We will try our best to return your support by becoming a better band, with better music,” and Minyuk said, “Please continue to love us, for 10, 20 years to come. We will return with better music.” CNBLUE debuted in Korea on January 14, 2010, with song “I’m a Loner” in their first mini album “Bluetory”. Before debuted in Korea, CNBLUE already gained public attention in Japan through their album, “Now and Never”, released on August 19, 2009. Furthermore, member Yonghwa already spotted the light earlier with his acting appearance on drama “You’re Beautiful”. Happy fourth anniversary, CNBLUE!
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Oooh four years. that amusing me and make my day. And my list always even when I am working out. congratulations and happy anniversary