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Leather jacket is a must have item for the Fall season but sometimes when the cold breeze blows, your jacket might not be warm enough. So bring out those warm fluffy neck warmer as they will keep you warm and also stylish. =]
That’s true.. i still wear them on the weekend up until now!~ haha @LauraAJ
@lillyann I completely agree. It is definitely not only a college look though
i love this look!!! I can;t wait for the weather to warm up a little bit for me to be able to wear leather jacket!! I can't wait until it's spring!!~
this is just my favourite! easy, stylish and comfortable :D It’s kind of sad how this is like totally my all time outfit when I was still in college! I could never go far without the leather jacket and riding boots! don’t you agree that every girl needs those 2 items? @LauraAJ