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Scarves are usually seen as just accessories but this is not true they can also be the highlight of your whole outfit. The white tank top, black skinny jeans and a pair of riding boots can be completed by a square scarf matching colour with the outfit, an orange brownish tone. Lastly finish it up with an aviator sunglasses!
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@ameliasantos10 yeah of course in a good way hahaha!! @lauraAJ can you recommend any spring scarves?
@onesmile hahahh I just realized i can't live without scarf/muffler scarf hahah i mean especially the winter i mean i probably have like almost 20 in total! how is your scarf collection going??
@ameliasantos10 I have way more winter than spring or summer ones lol!! maybe I'll have to start shopping for spring ones now :)
@onesmile hahaha i am so excited to see all these spring scarfs coming out on sale!! and all the patterns haahaha > <
@ameliasantos10 me too!! I need like a chart of design options but I think it'd be infinite