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Macbook Repair Melbourne

When you need expert service for Mac Repairs Melbourne, we are here to help. Our team is well qualified and have experience in taking the best care of your Macbook and repair immediately. We promise to never disappoint you from our service. Contact now!

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Best MacBook buying guide 2021
Macintosh has two sorts of PCs on offer: the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. Inside those two classifications there are two adaptation of the MacBook Air, four 13in MacBook Pro models, and two 16in MacBook Pro. There are likewise various form to-arrange alternatives that you can include, for example, additional RAM, more stockpiling, or a quicker processor. If you want original and brand new Apple Macbook Pro laptops in Sri Lanka, check out the fast growing online store - Best Bargains. Which MacBook is the best an incentive for cash? As we said above, there are two Apple PCs that cost £1,299/$1,299. So we'll begin by looking at them: by contrasting those two £1,299/$1,299 models we can exhibit the contrasts between the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. That should give you a decent sign of which sort of Mac PC is best for you. We'll at that point proceed to take a gander at the other MacBook's you could spend your cash on and whether these would offer better esteem. £1,299 MacBook Air versus £1,299 MacBook Pro The £1,299 MacBook Air offers 1.1GHz Quad Core i5 tenth era Intel processors with Turbo Boost up to 3.5GHz and Intel Iris Plus Graphics. The 2020 Air likewise offers 8GB 3733MHz LPDDR4X RAM and 512GB stockpiling. Both the Air and this MacBook Pro offer two Thunderbolt 3 ports, TouchID and a Retina show with True Tone. As of March 2020 for the Air, and May 2020 for the MacBook Pro, both Apple PCs currently offer the improved Magic Keyboard - the console in models sold since 2017 have been tormented by issues. The other 13in MacBook Pro What of the £1,499/$1,499 MacBook Pro? is it worth paying a smidgen more to get a more expert machine? All things considered for your £200 additional you will get 512GB capacity (up from 256GB preceding May 2020). Given that the Air costs £200/$200 not as much as this Pro, and furthermore has 512GB capacity, if capacity is the thing that issues most to you it will be an easy decision: set aside your cash. 16in MacBook Pro? The 16in MacBook Pro is truly in another alliance yet it has a cost to coordinate beginning at £2,399. For that you get 2.6GHz 6-center ninth era Intel Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost up to 4.5GHz. You additionally get discrete illustrations (AMD Radeon Pro 5300M with 4GB of GDDR6 memory), 512GB SSD and a 16in presentation. This is plainly on another level to the MacBook Air. There are absolutely individuals for whom just the 16in MacBook Pro will do - the individuals who need a discrete designs card, for instance. In any case, on the off chance that you are simply searching for a Mac for work the £1,299 MacBook Air will presumably be your most ideal choice at this moment. Decision? Along these lines, the decision is really clear as far as what you get for your cash: Right presently purchasing a section level 13in MacBook Pro (the £1,299/$1,299 or £1,499/$1,499 models) would be incautious in light of the fact that there are endless advantages right currently to be had from the MacBook Air. The other 13in MacBook Pro models have now been refreshed for 2020 and at any rate offer 16GB RAM and tenth era processors. Yet, on the off chance that you exploit the work to-arrange choices at the retail location the hole between the Air and those Pros isn't as large as it once might have been.
MacBook Liquid Damage - How to Prevent It From Happening to You
MacBook Liquid Damage can be extremely difficult to remove. Luckily, you can prevent some of the damage by performing the following steps prior to any attempt at repair. 1. Turn OFF the water-damaged MacBook instantly. This is the very first thing that you have to do when you spill liquid on your Macbook Air or Pro even before you place it in the bathtub. 2. Hold the power key for at least five minutes until the power goes off and then release the key. 3. DO not touch the logical board of the MacBook at all - only use the mouse. Perform your regular maintenance routine on the MacBook regularly. Clean out all the crevices, the keyboard crack, the hinges, the trackball, and the backlight of the MacBook with a soft cloth. 4. Clean out all the crevices in the MacBook with the damp towel and cloth. When removing the laptop from the water-damage, make sure that the keyboard, the display screen and the logic board are completely dry before re-connecting them with the USB cord. The logic board of the MacBook consists of multiple tiny electronic components which are wired in close proximity to one another. With prolonged exposure to water, these electronic components get damaged and start to leak their respective liquid. In extreme cases, the entire logic board might get damaged and you would be left without a functional computer. 5. After thoroughly cleaning the MacBook and removing the spilled water, let it dry for a few hours in a clean area of your house. Once you feel comfortable enough to connect the logic board to the USB port, reconnect the screws and the keyboard. You may need to perform a certain amount of adjustments to the connection as you try to line up the screws again after reconnecting the keyboard and the monitor screen. If you find any broken wire connections on the back of the laptop, use the soldering iron to fill the holes. 6. Your next step is to turn off the MacBook and remove the battery, but keep the power cord connected. The liquid might have accumulated in the various crevices of the logic board and the keyboard and the touchpad. First, disconnect the headphone jack using the cut USB cord that came along with your laptop. Then, locate the three screws that are located on the bottom left corner of the laptop and lift them out. These screws are also present behind the sleep mode switch. The liquid spilled on the MacBook was caused by the leaky LCD screen. This is also the reason why the touchpad often has no response when you use it. To solve this problem, replace the LCD screen with the replacement part that you can find in your nearest Apple store or a trustworthy repair center like Ask Computers & Phone Repairs. Before going to sleep, unplug the laptop from the wall or floor. In short, immediate actions are required to prevent permanent damage of your MacBook Liquid Damage.
애플, 신형 아이패드 2종 & 맥북에어 & 맥미니 스펙
결전의 날: 11월 7일 지난 30일 팀 쿡(Tim Cook)이 미국 뉴욕 브루클린 아카데미 오브 뮤직에서 애플 신작 공개 행사를 열어 아이패드 2종, 맥북에어, 맥미니, 애플펜슬 2세대 등을 선보였다. 가장 큰 변화는 디자인. 안면인식 기능을 탑재한 ‘뉴 아이패드 프로’는 지난달 공개한 새 아이폰처럼 홈 버튼을 없애고, 테두리를 극소화한 에지 투 에지(edge to edge) 디자인을 채택했다. 두께는 5.9㎜로 전작보다 15% 얇아져 더욱 간편하게 보관할 수 있으며 11인치와 12.9 스크린 두 가지 사이즈를 갖췄다. 국내 출고가는 모델 및 용량에 따라 99만 원부터 최대 247만 9천 원. 새 맥북에어는 무게 25%, 부피는 17% 줄어 더욱 가벼워졌다. 이는 100% 재활용한 알루미늄으로 전체 컴퓨터를 제조한 덕분. 인텔 8세대 코어 프로세서를 갖춘 맥북에어는 그동안 꾸준히 흘러나왔던 루머대로 최근 애플 노트북에 탑재되던 터치 ID와 버터플라이 키보드, 포스터치 트랙패드 등을 내장했다. 13.3인치 기준 맥북에어의 가격은 약 136만 6천 원부터. 맥미니 업데이트 제품도 무려 4년 만에 나왔다. 마지막으로 출시된 맥 미니와 달리 이번 라인업은 모두 플래시 메모리를 저장 매체로 사용하며, 최대 2TB의 저장 공간을 옵션으로 구매할 수 있다. 연결 포트는 기가비트 이더넷, 4개의 썬더볼트 단자, HDMI, 헤드폰 단자, 2개의 USB 포트를 내장했다. 또한 작년 모델은 FHD에도 미치지 못하는 1440×900의 낮은 해상도를 고수했으나, 이번 제품은 전작 대비 4배 가까이 향상된 2560×1600의 해상도를 지녔다. 가격은 약 91만 원부터 시작한다. 위 신형들의 출시일은 미국 현지시간으로 모두 11월 7일이다. 국내 발매 일정은 미정. 더 자세한 내용은 <아이즈매거진> 링크에서
What Are The Ways To Make Your MacBook Last As Long As Possible
MacBook was launched within the year 2006 by Apple and there was no looking back. Apple has some inbuilt software which makes it different from other technology. Moreover, a Mac device also lasts for a extended period of your time. But, at an equivalent time, it's vital to stay your data and private information safe. Can Mac OS alone assist you out? No, you would like to require certain initiatives. Below are some points listed through which you'll keep your MacBook safe and properly functioning. And, if nothing works you'll attend MacBook repair service Lucknow. Practices which will assist you to shield your MacBook There are a couple of ways through which you'll keep your MacBook safe. you only got to follow the instructions, and that they are as follows. 1. OS X version must be upgraded to guard your Mac The simplest and straightforward thanks to protect your MacBook is to update all the programs and Mac software. It also keeps your MacBook secure from hackers. Mainly, cyber-attackers attempt to damage outdated software. The attackers know that outdated software is unsafe, and that they can easily target them. If you don’t skills to update the mac software, then the subsequent steps will certainly benefit you. Furthermore, you'll also attend Apple repair center Lucknow for assistance. On the left top of the screen, you'll see the Apple icon. You’ve got to click it in order that you'll select the ‘about the mac’ option. Then, a window will appear, the OS X version. Below on the right-hand side, you'll see the ’software update’ option. To initiate the method click on the choice. Software updates also can be done automatically if you would like. 2. You need to line the default security and privacy settings Often you'll see that your Mac has some default settings. These settings allow the software and other applications to share and consider data, albeit your device is password protected. The instructions are given below, you want to follow them. In the system preference section, you've got to map read security and privacy settings. you'll set a correct password for your Mac, under the overall tab. But, you're advised to prevent the automated logins, and also change the time phase, as needed, after your Mac goes into sleep mode. To keep your data secure this is often one among the simplest ways you'll find out . Some of the privacy settings got to be addressed to stay your data safe. You’ll also find all the applications that have access to your data within the privacy tab. By clicking ‘diagnostics and usage’ you'll inspect the sending usage data to Apple, and also you'll also avoid this particular setting. You don’t want any application to access your data, you'll uncheck it. And, you furthermore may have the choice of whether you would like your Mac usage data to be sent to Apple automatically. 3. You can install a Mac antivirus You will get many antiviruses that are available within the market. But, particularly for MacBook, there are few specific antiviruses that employment. Also, cybercriminals are using advanced technologies to focus on Mac. There is also built-in security within the MacBook, but it's not enough to guard your data. Some antivirus like Intego and Airo AV, are particularly designed to guard the MacBook from larger threats like online attacks. For professional aid, simply join with MacBook repair service Lucknow. To keep your MacBook safe you would like to pick the actual antivirus that has the subsequent features: · While selecting antivirus, confirm it provides real-time protection. · It should have internet security tools. · It should have advanced ransom ware detection and removal protection. · Phishing and spyware protection must even be present to guard your software. 4. You can also choose backing up your files. Regular backing up may be a must make sure that you've got a replica of each important document. In case, if there's a malfunction, don't panic. Apple features a feature that's the machine. It makes sure that you simply can easily backup on a separate disk drive. Further, you'll restore your Mac and data any time you would like. Conclusion…. So, these were all about Apple and MacBook and iPhone repair Lucknow. If you're a MacBook user or if you've got decided to shop for one, then these points or rather the following pointers are going to be very beneficial for you. It’ll keep your data safe and your MacBook are going to be well-functioning. And, for extra guidance, you've got Macbook repair service Lucknow