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If you think that bright floral pattern dresses in the spring doesn't reflect who you are, then why not try a darker shade green floral dress with a light green jacket over. This look is perfect for people who are not so comfortable with the bright colour of spring but will still be able to show the spring spirit. :D
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This look is really good :) I like the idea of toning down really bright colors and patterns this way. It could be done well with beige too don't you think?
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@onesmile i think with a beige jacket it might make us look too pale .. because the dress colour is kind of a dark green ... but if you were to wear a bit of a lighter coloured dress maybe a beige would be cute too!?
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@lillyann ahh I see what you mean. maybe something with lighter blue patterning instead!
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@onesmile yes maybe! because i mean even if we want to tone down we still want to keep the spring!
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@lillyann for sure!! I always try to add one piece with good spring colors during this time of year :)
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