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Looking stylish with items that are already in your wardrobe, a grey knit sweater, favourite pair of blue jeans and the nice warm pair of UGG boots. Don't forget the last touch up with light cream coloured winter socks and a big matching scarf.
@LauraAJ actually it’s actually summer right now in Australia so i won’t be able to wear any of these for a while but I am so glad I stumbled up on these now so I will be able to wear them in the winter : )
@LauraAJ it's winter over here too so I should definitely give this look a try one day before the weather get too warm hahah I think the part of winter I enjoy most is probably the knit clothes and ugg boots haha what's your favourite winter items?
@lillyann I completely agree. Considering it is quite cold these days where I am, I take comfort in these looks. How about you girls? Is it cold where you are?
@lillyann I totally agree with you! just by looking at all these knit items and the ugg boots I can already feel the warmth :D
This already looks warm and cozy even without a coat! and the colour matching outfit is perfect too I love how the light cream is matched with the grey to make the outfit looks a little bit brighter too : )