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Sporting the grey and black outfit, including tight leather pants, black & grey scarves, a black jacket and don't forget your favourite pairs of leather boots! and why not bring out the real rocker in you with a pair of aviator sunglasses!! With this look feel free to bring out your accessories like rings, bracelets and ending with black nail polish? After all of this you will be ready to rock wherever you go today!!
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This outfit looks great and I love how she's not scared to combine all these leather items together!! Do you think this can be something to wear on just an everyday outing?
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@ameliasantos10 of course! that is the point, I think, of this look! It is not one that is limited to a certain occasion, rather one that can be worn as a great look for any day out.
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@LauraAJ maybe I really should give this a try one day! although I don't have all these items I can probably get by with just mix and match :D thanks :)
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