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"One of the signs that the second coming [of Jesus] is that the stars will fall out of the sky and land on Earth. To even write that means you don't know what those things are. You have no concept of what the actual universe is"
Ok I see, a two way street.
The crow example is meant to be absurd and point to the fact that science a. attempts to categorize the complex world and b. our language is inadequate. Rather than saying All crows are black based on a slice of experience and based on the various ways we see the world. ..we should say "It seems to ME AT THIS POINT IN TIME that all crows are black". Maybe crows were brown 3000 years ago. Maybe they're evolving to another color 3000 from now. Maybe my perception of black and YOUR perception of black are different. A little modesty is all that is asked for.
@joebiden Excuse the strange source. Like religion...while science in its pure form is noble, unfortunately it goes through the imperfect prism of our fallible minds.
@cygnusx1 I think you're a bit off on this one. The point about crows is a classic example of a strawman argument. If one had to view every possible *anything* to see validity, there would be no knowledge and obviously no bible. Plus, if you have to pick given 2 imperfect theories, do you go with the one that has stars landing on Earth or the one that has been empirically demonstrated?
Consider...we laugh today about some of the things scientists thought 100 yo. In the late 1800s scientists at the Royal Society derided people for thinking rocks could fall out of the sky despite eyewitnesses. Yet...meteors. Sci. attempts to categorize an incredibly complex world. All x are y. "All crows are black". Well' if you've never seen 'all crows' how valid is that statement?
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