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5 Reasons Mutts make Better ESAs than Pedigrees

Mutts! We have all seen them and we do not really like them. Mutts are mixed breed dogs that are born as a result of two or more dogs breeding. This is why they are unlike any of their purebred parents.

In the world of dogs, purebreds are highly valued and as far as mutts or mixed breeds are concerned, they are usually neglected and no one wants them. Therefore, pet shelters have mutts in majority and they are likely to stay there for life.

However, adopting a mutt as a pet or as an emotional support animal comes with the following benefits.

1. Mutts are Inexpensive

Purebreds are expensive! Just visit any pet shop and you will know how expensive a purebred puppy could. The prices are often out of reach of many people and this is where a mutt comes in.

A mutt puppy is considerably cheaper than its pure breed counterparts. A litter would cost you less than a hundred dollars and you will get loads of unconditional love in exchange.

2. They are ‘Steal-Proof’

Worried that someone may steal your purebred husky or labrador? Purebreds worth hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars, which make them an easy target of pet thieves. With a mutt, you do not have to worry about any such thing.

Since mutt is a non-identifiable dog, it is less likely to be stolen. They do not cost a lot of money, lucky for you, and attract less attention.

3. Mutts are Healthier

Mutts are considerably healthier than their purebred siblings. Since they are a mixed breed, they do not receive the entire gene of any of its parents. This makes them less susceptible to diseases like hip dysplasia, knee problems, spinal and bone disease, certain types of cancers and other diseases that affect skin, lungs, blood, etc.

Though it is still debatable but, generally, mixed breeds are healthier than purebreds and live longer too and to get these you need an ESA Letter.

4. They are Adaptable

There are many dog breeds that are bred with a certain purpose. Like German Shepherds are bred to be military and police dogs, which means that it could be a great police dog but may not be that good in other areas.
Since a mixed breed has genes and traits from different breeds, they are more adaptable and suitable for different environments. They could be the embodiment of ‘the best of both worlds' statement as they receive the traits but not the diseases.

5. They help you Make a Difference

No one is interested in adopting or buying a mutt. They stay in the pet markets and shelters for a long time and are euthanized. By bringing a mutt home, you are making a difference and believe us, your mutt knows it.

Animals are smarter than we know and if you choose one to be your emotional support cat or dog then it will be forever grateful. However, make sure that you get a genuine emotional support animal letter for it.