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How to set up a new Gmail password quickly?

Do you want to set up the brand new password for your Gmail account? This blog will provide you sufficient info on How to Change Gmail Password in matters of minutes. Regularly changing the password is the best strategy to secure the account against the potential hacking. Here’s how you can alter the Gmail password in a few easy steps.

1: Open the Google Account webpage and click the Sign-in tab (merged in blue color) placed at the top-right section of the page.

2: Complete the login formalities as requested. (Note: you might be prompted to prove your identification via two-factor authentication. Complete this process, or else you won’t be able to proceed further.)

3: On the left panel, you will find a couple of options from which you need to select Security.

4: Next, scroll down a bit to get access to the option called Signing in to Google.

5: Here, you will need to locate the option titled password.

6: Tap the Password button and provide your account key for the identification purpose.

7: If prompted, you provide the new password (make sure it’s intricate and challenging to decrypt).

Connect with Gmail live chat to overcome login related issues

Once you successfully reach the completion of this process, get back to the Gmail sign page and try accessing your account with a new password. If, by chance, some technical error pops up during this process, call Gmail customer care for help. Our experts will put their best effort into providing the best possible solution for your problems. For quality-oriented service, feel free to use our voice call option, which is handled by the team of certified professionals.
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How to Start your Own eCommerce Business with the Help of Amazon Clone?
One of the sectors that witnesses a rising trend is eCommerce. In this digital world, the way shopping is being done is changing from then to now. Internet access is quote simple in today’s date. This has led to the growth of online shopping trends among different people worldwide. Placing the order is a cakewalk through the Amazon Clone. Moreover, shopping online also helps save customer’s time because they don’t have to go to the physical location of the shop to choose the product they wish to purchase. Watching the increasing trend of online shopping, people are looking forward to beginning an eCommerce business. Starting off with such a business is not so difficult as it seems. Amazon clone app is one of the important factors from various other factors that are essential to keep in mind for starting an eCommerce business from the scratch. Smashing factors to consider to start your eCommerce business with Amazon clone: 1 What products or services you want to sell? The most important factor to keep in mind is the product or services you wish to offer your customer. This requires a little research from your end. You can check about the products which are not being sold near your locality. You can start off with that business and go ahead with it. If you are a creative soul, you can start with selling products which are handcrafted. In this way, you can proceed further with advancing your business. 2 Another essential requirement is an attractive website: The next thing required to impress potential customers is a beautiful website. In today’s date, everything is digital. Therefore, it becomes more than important to attract customers with a website that has stunning design and catchy content while scrolling. You should zero down the best web development company to develop an Amazon clone website for your eCommerce business. 3 Domain name also plays an important role: Another important factor is to select an attractive domain name according to your eCommerce business. It plays an important role because the more catchy the domain name, the higher customers it will attract. Moreover, it also leads to word of mouth marketing for the future to grow your business at a rapid pace. Credit: Mint 4 Managing orders and inventory should be plain-sailing: It is essential to include a software in the app that enables you to track product order in the speed of light. Moreover, even the customers must be able to easily track the history of order they place from your Amazon clone app. This will eventually lead to increase in customers with each passing day. Apart from orders, your website and application must have advanced features to manage the stock of products so that you will know when the inventory is running low well in advance and you can make arrangements to fill up the stock before the shortage of products arise. 5 Payment gateway: Another important factor to add in your website or application is the easy payment option. The customers can easily make payment for the products they buy from your online store. The payment channel should be such that it does not take much time. It will further lead to faster placement of order and even faster payment procedures to be followed. It is a big thing a customer is attracted to, when it comes to online shopping. 6 Digital marketing: So, once you have made the online store and Amazon clone script, the online marketing is what comes into picture. You are required to promote your business through different online platforms day in and day out to make your business known to the masses. The best way to increase customer base is by frequently posting good content with amazing design that will make your business reach heights in online marketing. Closing Thoughts Well, it is quite simple to start an eCommerce business with Amazon clone. Isn’t it? So, you got the idea of a thrilling business app? All you need is a good web & eCommerce app development company having dedicated developers who will help you develop a mesmerizing website and application as per your requirement. The wonderful features in the online store will keep a customer hooked to your website while scrolling through the content and design.