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— Did you feel pressured on this film as it was your first documentary movie of yourselves? JS: I felt pressured at first. I thought it seemed too early to film documentary of us and even said ‘better to do it much later’ at one point. Now I believe we will have more sequel as the title says [never stop]. JH: We have experiences of filming of ‘the making of–’ . This time, it is a documentary film, wherein we will show deeper reality of our life for the first time. It will be a first chance to see us in backstage or the discussions after the live stages. You will be able to get to know us better by watching this film. MH: I felt pressured at first as well, but watching the movie, I realized my worries were for nothing. I enjoyed watching it and I think it is a great film. YH: I was worried at first if people feel unfamiliar to see us arguing sometimes, with ourselves. Later I came to think that it would be good to reveal our true selves, because there aren’t many opportunities to show our real personality or thoughts other than this kind of interviews. —– The director must have had a theme to film you. Were there any parts that was surprising or unexpected? MH: Rather than unexpected, I was thankful that the director has succeeded to pull out ever-unknown CNBLUE in full. There are scenes that show us discussing the part we weren’t satisfied with after the live stage, or being nervous during the rehearsal. Although I was anxious, I believe it was good to be able to show such scene. —- It was impressive to see you all heavily discussing after Summer Sonic Live performance. JH: It is so true that live performance almost always comes with some troubles. So I feel that ‘growing with live performance’ truly means to improve critical problem solving skill. —Then are you saying that it should happen often to have that kind of arguments in order for a band to grow up? JH: Yes. We have such a group discussion after each live performance. We share happy moment if it is a great performance, or we take time (to talk about) when it isn’t satisfying. It never become more than an hour, average half an hour? Depending on the situation. Then at the end one of us change the atmosphere. MH: If we have any concerns regarding the live performance, it is ideal that we express everything we have in mind and go forward to the next one. We try to let it out at that time then we go back to usual friendly members, eat together, or tease each other.