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— We are able to see in the film how you live together…. JH: I’m used to it now since we’ve been together so long. I don’t even have a thought of living by myself. MH: To me, my desire of living together is stronger than one of living alone. JS: I can still be alone by staying in my own room if I feel like it. We know each other so well as we’ve known each other for so long. So there is no issue to feel inconvenient by living together. YH: If we want to be alone, there will be ways always. There are much more benefit of living together than disadvantages if there are any. — By the way, I found YH san’s bed was pretty large. Did you choose by yourself? JS: It was left by the previous owner. As it is a rent, some parts are furnished. YH: It’s true I love anything Big. LOL — In the film, it is amusing to see scenes of your regular daily life. Do you usually cook at home? JH: We do, sometimes. JS: Yes, making Doenjang jjigae if we have the ingredients. MH: But not so often. JH: I don’t cook at all. YH: We don’t have any member whose hobby is cooking. JS: It’s more for survival. —Which food makes you happy? YH: Of course my mother’s cooking more than anything. YH, MH, JS: Doenjang jjigae!! JH: In my family, my father is really a good cook. He often cooked for me Squid jiigae or Sikhye. YH: I find anything my mother cooks delicious, even an instant ramen. — Tell us about some memories from your time in Japan before debut. JH: I feared I was going to die. LOL. Without money, we didn’t feed ourselves. JS: In those days, we were happy when we could eat out Gyudon. MH: I thought it was fun to sleep in bunk beds. I always wanted to do that since little. YH: me, too! JH: However, it is not easy to sleep on upper berth of bunk bed. You hit your head when you rise. JS: I had that often. MH: I used lower one. JS was up. YH: I too used lower bed. — Any places you remember? JH: There was a café in the building of apartment we lived that served delicious food. Though we couldn’t go so much as it was expensive. JS: There was a construction in front of the apartment and I was wondering when it completes. But when we had a chance to pass by after the debut, it is still under construction. So I really want to see it completed.LOL CNBLUE Never Stop 2— The title of movie is ‘Never Stop’. What do you have in mind to do from now on without stopping? JS: I don’t think we have left any footstep, but there are actually cases that ‘CNBLUE is the first … in Korea‘. Therefore, I think we are feeling more responsibility and for many we have become role model. When I look back, we’ve been working really hard and will have to work harder. JH: I believe I will keep being in CNBLUE. In order to do so, I am working this hard. YH: I believe we have left footstep (in Korea) and will continue doing so. MH: I would like to keep working hard together in order to set greater milestone. We are planning to release a new album in Korea in 2014. The world tour is coming to an end, but we’d love to go on tours in countries we have never been. Also I wish more people in Japan will listen to our music.