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2014-01-22 SY: It feels awkward off for me to say this myself, but I was the number 1 woman the men wanted to date. SY: That very me, said something to you... MJ: You came all the way here because you wanted to hear my answer? SY: No, because I wanted to be with you. MJ: I wonder what it's like to grow old together... HK: Our Song-yi... seems to like you a lot. MJ: If she's a woman that you like, protect her accordingly, with your own method. MJ: Protect Chun Song-yi from your hyung. JK: Who dares to order me around!! JK (?): Because you protect Chun Song-yi too well, I have found another method. What will you do?
The episode was awesome(but why does MJ have to hurt her),hope SY will finally know his identity and he won't try to avoid her so much in ep 12,I wish that there would be more happiness between SY and MJ,irritating that there is no ep 12 preview thou,you can only imagine and guess what is going to happen later on,still great drama love it can't wait for tomorrow.
can't wait