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Boys24 Members
(Updated information!) (Rest of the members can be found here and here.) I haven't seen a lot of cards about them and their MVs so far don't have a ton of views. These boys are amazing and need more love! Let's get a look at some of the boys! (I won't be listing all of them (just 2 from each unit at the moment) but just look at them and how beautiful they are!!) I've included a picture of them and their intro videos from their YouTube Channel! Oh Jinseok Born: 1995 Position: Rapper, Vocalist Unit(s): Black, White (previously in Yellow) During the first episode he was named Top7 out of the Top 7 members. (The boy's who made it into the Top7 were the Leader's of their groups at the start and were the top 7 members out of the 49 participants.) He's in the Promotional Unit Black additionally to White. Kim Hongin Born: 1995 Position: Vocalist, Dance Unit: Red (previously in Yellow) Hongin was born prematurely and suffers from a hearing impairment which can cause him not to hear. Despite that he works the hardest out of all the boy's. He puts his best in to make sure he's hitting his notes correctly. He was also on Dancing9 and lord is he a good dancer! This boy should be everyone's inspiration! Park Doha Born: 1992 Position: Vocalist Unit: Black, White (previously in White as the Leader but is in it again) During the first episode Doha was named Top2 out of the Top 7 members. He is also the Leader of Unit White. And let me just say...dimples for days! He's in the Promotional Unit Black additionally to White. He is the Leader of Unit White again. Yoo Youngdoo Youngdoo is an official member of Boys24's final unit! Born: 1992 Position: Vocalist Unit: Black, White (previously in Unit White but is in it again) Youngdoo's voice is beautiful and his dance skills are pretty good as well! Youngdoo was one of the first to audition in episode one and was top 1 until he was later knocked down, he remained on the top 7 list the longest out of any member during the episode but was sadly knocked out of the top 7 before the end of the auditions. He's in the Promotional Unit Black additionally to White. Lee Inpyo Inpyo is an official member of Boys24's final unit! Born: 1995 Position: Vocalist Unit: Blue (Previously in Unit Green) During the first episode Inpyo was named Top6 out of the Top 7 members. He is also the Leader of Unit Green. Go Jihyeong Born: 1995 Position: Rapper Unit: White (Previously in Unit Green) At the beginning Jihyeong was often criticized for his rap. But by the end he improved a lot and received compliments from the judges. Issac Voo Issac is an official member of Boys24's final unit! Born: 1994 Position: Vocalist, Dance Unit: White (previously in Unit Sky) Issac is the only non-Korean member of Boys24. He is Malaysian. In Malaysia he was a dance instructor. For episode one he performed a rap but because his Korean was not 100% he received criticism about his pronunciation and was told not to rap again. He now has became good at pronunciation. He additionally became a vocalist and a good one at that! Issac made it onto the top 7, however he was knocked out before the end. Lee Hwayoung (No longer a member) Born: 1996 Position: Vocalist Unit: Formerly Unit Sky (No longer in a Unit) Hwayoung is no longer in Boys24 as he gave up the opportunity of a life time. Here is their first MV for Rising Star which they released before the 28 member's were chosen! (I've included the original and dance versions!) If you see someone you like let me know in the comments! Just tell me which video and what time the boy appears and I'll try and get back to you! There is more information about the group listed on the last block! Here is the MV for E, their latest song. This song was released after the 28 members were chosen. I've also included the other version which is Unit Yellow's because they won first place at the end and became MVP. (MVP is the group that get's 200 million Won towards investment into their music production and group promotions. Thus giving them an advantage over the other groups.) (One member of Unit Yellow is not present in their version because he was added to Yellow after the popularity vote and wasn't a part of Yellow when they won MVP.) For those of you that don't know Boys24 is basically the male version of Produce 101 except with a few differences. Once the final set of members is chosen they'll be a set group unlike I.O.I's one year of promoting as a group and disbanding. Another difference is that all the boy's don't have company's behind them representing them. So, in other words they don't have a company to fall back into once the competition is over. The competition started out with a whopping 49 contestants and was slowly brought down to a total of 28 (originally 24 but due to health issues a member had to leave, thus 5 eliminated members were brought back by popular vote.) The boy's are divided up into four groups (Yellow, Sky, Green, and White) each consisting of seven members and are currently touring around trying to gain popularity. At the end of promotions the set members will be chosen. (I've heard the final group having anywhere from 7-13 members.) Well that's it for now! I'll probably post again with more of the members. I know pretty much all 28 of them by names/faces now! Please support these boys! I know it'll be hard if the one you come to like isn't chosen as a final member but we need to risk it! If you have any questions about the boys or how Boys24 works let me know, I'll be happy to help out! Should I post about the other members as well? If you'd liked to be tagged in the future Boys24 cards I do let me know!