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Not Much Progress as Syrian Peace Talks Open
Honestly I'm not surprised at all, talks are not going to resolve the issue. We need some kind of force to get this done. The Syr­ian for­eign min­is­ter, Walid al-Moallem, who led his coun­try’s del­e­ga­tion, was open­ly de­fi­ant, call­ing Syr­ian in­sur­gents evil and ig­nor­ing ap­peals by Ban Ki-moon, the Unit­ed Na­tions sec­re­tary-gen­er­al, to avoid in­vec­tive or even yield the floor as a bell rang sig­nal­ing that he had ex­ceed­ed the al­lot­ted time for his re­marks.
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talks=/=doing something
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what does =/= mean? i guess not equal
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yes exactly
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there is no keyboard command
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yeah there is no not equals, there should be
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