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for @christy our resident fashionista ... xx ... :3 So many k-drama characters dress in the most fashion-forward clothes that part of the fun of watching is seeing which trends they will wear. But a few k-dramas focus specifically on the fashion business or designers and those are even more highly stylized. If fashion sets your heart a flutter you may want to check out a few of these dramas that either focus on fashion or feature a fashion designer as a lead character: 1. "Baby-Faced Beauty." Jang Na Ra and Daniel Choi star in this romantic comedy about a 34-year-old fashion designer who pretends to be 10 years younger to get a job in a fashion company. She's got a knack for transforming ordinary materials into exciting creations and also succeeds at getting two co-workers to fall in love with her. 2. In "I Need Romance 3" the characters work at a home shopping network and focus on the more marketable end of fashion. Kim So Yeon is a marketing manager who falls in love with a much younger man, a musician played by Sung Joon. 3. "Cinderella Man." In this "Prince and the Pauper" story, a clothing designer with a small shop meets the princely heir to a fashion empire who invites him to trade places. Kwon Sang Woo plays the designer and Im Yoona plays an aspiring designer who graduated from a French design school. 4. "I Do I Do." Kim Sun Ah plays a genius shoe designer whose fellow workers refer to as Medusa. She spends a night with a young shoe counterfeiter played by Lee Jang Wook and gets pregnant. It's not what she planned in her career but it may be her last chance. This drama is a must if you love shoes or stories about babies. 5. "Cheomdamdong Alice." Moon Geun Young plays a designer who finds it hard to get a good job because she lacks the desirable kind of experience. She does not intend to marry for money but falls for the heir of a clothing store, played by Park Shi Hoo. 6. "Style." This drama takes on the editorial side of fashion and is set at a fictional fashion magazine named "Style." Kim Hye Soo plays the talented but picky editor of a magazine, who was once in love with the character played by Ryu Si Won. 7. "Missing You." While "Missing You" is not really about fashion, one of the main characters, played by Yoon Eun Hye is a fashion designer named Zoe Lou. Her life is terrible but her clothes are great.
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oooh thanks friend thank you. I have already watched all except style so will make time to this drama. Thanks again that u make me know new drama. moa