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What is a “genius barista”? you ask. Beats the hell outta me, but apparently that’s what MBLAQ idol star Lee Joon will be in the upcoming tvN thriller Gap-dong, which is the drama based on a true story about a string of unsolved murders whose perpetrator resurfaces after twenty years. Why does a murder thriller need a genius barista? you ask. WHO KNOWS. In any case, Lee Joon’s character (if he confirms—he’s currently considering) is a twentysomething named Ryu Tae-oh with an IQ surpassing 150, the looks of a manhwa hero, and, presumably, some mad coffee-making skills. He also happens to be adept at drawing out conversation and blessed with an excellent memory that doesn't miss a detail. I suppose those would come in handy for the cops in the case, to be played by Yoon Sang-hyun (the investigator leading the hunt for the resurfaced killer) and Sung Dong-il (as the veteran cop who was on the original case). Kim Ji-won is also up for a role as the killer’s new victim who becomes pivotal to solving the case. On one hand, I hope Lee Joon has brushed up on his acting skills, because he was some kind of terrible in IRIS 2. (I felt uncomfortable watching him, because it felt like he was doing rom-com acting in a spy thriller. Shudders.) On the other hand, I don’t think he was quite as bad (I hear?) in Rough Play, plus it sounds like his role in Gap-dong will be one of the smaller ones, so the producers will be able to reduce or increase his screen time depending on how good he is. As a drama, Gap-dong does have my full attention—that real-life serial killer angle will do that—and I hope it lives up to its promise. It’ll be quite a tonal shift away from the drama it’s following, tvN’s I Need Romance 3, and premieres on March 10.