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Heechul Twitter/Instagram update: [Trans] Trans @HeeZZinPang: Everyone. You don't need a friend like GunHee at your side. Instead of giving love to a friend he's been friends for 19 years.. I was going to get an haircut and dye my hair black, but I guess I won't be able to. I will grow it out like Anna and dye it cherry color. I like red red color.. Lerryggo~ Lerryggo~ Let it go~ Let it go~ If it's for Anna, I can greatly reduce my gaming time from 12 hours to 10 hours.. This is how true love is... Anyways, I'm going to watch it again with Gunhee. What is this bastard falls for Anna too, and we end up fighting for one girl?.. Sigh.. For me, it's friendship over love.. Give me strength so that oppa can win, elf !! This has your oppa and your sister-in-law on the line!! // Heechul: Should I get highlights like Anna? Gunhee: What nonsense are you talking about. You crazy man; all into animations Heechul: You ####. How is it? Gunhee: Don't do it. [trans: NKSubs|via: ELF Myanmar]