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Everyone. You don't need two friends that are like Geonhee around you. Friends for 19 years but he can't even give me blessings.. I wanted to cut my hair and dye it black but seems like I won't do that. I have to grow it out and dye it into a cherry colour like Anna's. As expected(,) I like red red.. let it go~ let it go~ Let it go~ Let it go~ if it's Anna(,) it seems like I can even drastically cut down my daily gaming time from 12 hours to 10 hours.. this is genuine love.... anyway(,) I'm gonna watch it once more with Geonhee but what if this bastard falls in love with Anna too and the two of us starts to fight because of one woman.. sigh.. I'm (a person that chooses) friendship over love but.. elf(,) give me strength so that oppa can win!! It's a problem that your oppa and sister-in-law is going to go through!! -- The convo: Heechul: Shall I dye highlights like Anna? Jeon Younghoon: What are you saying(,) you crazy guy. You're crazy over animations Heechul: You XXX Heechul: *sends a pic of Anna* Heechul: How is it? Jeon Younghoon: Don't do it