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 Recap Ep 1: Recap Ep 2: Recap Ep 3: Recap Ep 4: Recap Ep 5: Recap Ep 6: Ma Ri is in Yoon Jae's House. SHe said, "You are Kyung Joon, right?" And suddenly Da Ran appeared, calling him Kyung Joon, and Ma Ri suddenly passed out. I think it is because of the wound on her arm. Chung Sik tried to call Da Ran because the candidate for his brother in law is there. Chung Sik ran to Yoon Jae's house and surprised to see the situation there. Ma Ri woke up and tried to find Kyung Joon everywhere. Suddenly Yoon Jae appeared in front of Chung Sik, and Chung Sik was about to punch him on the face....when....Ma Ri saved Yoon Jae by kicking Chung Sik's ass. Da Ran walk Chung Sik home, and Chung sik asked whether she is back together with Yoon Jae. Meanwhile in the house, Ma Ri who found out about Yoon Jae's real identity, asked for explanation from him. Yoon Jae said, "I know you will react like this, that's why I didn't tell you about what happened." After she went back home, Da Ran told Yoon Jae that she met Yoon Jae's mom and his mom asked her to leave Yoon Jae. Yoon Jae said, "Ma Ri likes Kyung Joon now, so I am going to make Ma Ri to hate me." Yoon Jae's uncle and aunt met Se Young and they discussed about how weird things are going on. The next day, Ma Ri suddenly came to Yoon Jae's house and said, "I will live her from now on. If I can't live on the first floor, I will stay on the second floor." She suddenly tried to kiss Yoon Jae!!! She hopes that the soul will swapped back (just like in fairy tails where the frog will become a prince hahaha) But Yoon Jae gives her no response. He said, "You can't. I now still belong to Da Ran. So get out of here." Meanwhile in Da Ran's home, Chung Sik was asking his mom, "Mom, what will you do if Sister meet Yoon Jae again?" His mom is really funny!!! She said," Who is Yoon Jae? Is it a new Karaoke place??" (I think she pretend not to remember Yoon Jae because of the marriage cancelled 1 year ago). Yoon Jae and Da Ran now is in the restaurant, waiting for Yoon Jae's mom to come. They were practicing how they have to behave in front of the mom. Yoon Jae said, "Lets pretend to date each other in front of my mom, but let's just behave like "dog manner" between both of us so we won't like each other. The mom came and said, "I thought you already finished this relationship. What happen?" The mom was cutting a rare cooked steak and the blood is coming out from the meat. Yoon Jae has phobia seeing blood, so he couldn't look at his mom. Da Ran who read the situation well suddenly cover the plate, and saved him from that! What a kindhearted girl! Meanwhile, Ma Ri went to see a fortune teller and tried all ways to get their soul swapped back again! HAHAHA After they are back home, Da Ran asked Yoon Jae, "Why are you afraid of blood?" So Yoon Jae said, "When I was young, some gang appeared and I saw my mom was shot by a gun." Ohhh poor Kyung Joon TT The next scene is Yoon Jae is in the hospital, as a doctor. He is supposed to take care of the kid patients, when he saw a boy with his wound on his arm. Se Young came into the room, and asked him why he didn't contact her. She said, after the accident, it seems that he has become a totally different person. Sudenly she mentioned about Kang Kyung Joon, and how he got into the same accident with Yoon Jae. Yoon Jae said, "The Yoon Jae who you know before is not here anymore." and he left. In the school, Da Ran got some text messages from Yoon Jae. She tried her best to hide it from her colleague. She went to sit on the bench outside and suddenly Ma Ri came to her, saying that she has an amulet to make everything goes normal again. That was funny. Meanwhile, Chung Sik said to his friends that he fell in love with Ma Ri. Ma Ri seems to run to him, and he tried to wave, but Ma Ri just passed him and ignored him! The strangest thing happenen next!!! Kyung Joon's uncle and aunt went to "investigate" Da Ran's family by going to their dumpling restaurant, but when Kyung Joon's uncle looked at Da Ran's mom, he got this dejavu during his old school days. It seems Da Ran's mom is Kyung Joon's uncle first love??? HEHEHHEE. Ma Ri now is at home together with Yoon Jae. When Da Ran came, she accidentally saw the wallet and took a glance at the angel picture. Meanwhile at Da Ran's house, Chung Sik told his mom that he want to go to the states to study english (i think he just want to follow Ma Ri) hahaha. Da Ran's mom said that she will go to 마트 (spelled, ma-te), but Chung Sik said, "Mom, it's not ma-te, it's mart! mart!" And guess who are in the mart?? Yoon Jae and Da Ran of course. They are going for groceries there, and they seem to having fun together. Yoon Jae choose all junk food and snack, and Da Ran said, why don't you learn something easy, so you can cook at home. However, Yoon jae said, "I only know difficult ones. I am a son of a famous restaurant owner in LA!" And that's when Da Ran's mom and Chung Sik came to the mart. Are they going to bump into each other? Almost!! But Yoon Jae said, "So what's wrong if your mom sees us? We can just say that we are dating again, and I will tell her that I can't let you go and like you very very much!" But Da Ran said, "No. it's not a good time now." She left and go for her mom and brother. But, she felt bad after that, and she told her mom to go back first because she still have other things to buy. She finally bought all the groceries for Yoon Jae and find Yoon Jae was standing outside the mart. She went to Yoon Jae's house together because Yoon Jae will cook dinner for her! I think it has something to do with roasted chicken. But suddenly, a call came from Da Ran's colleague, asking her to go and meet her outside. But her colleague was about to be a matchmaker for Da Ran and the male teacher! But she promised Yoon Jae to be back before the chicken is done. The bell rang, and it was Ma Ri. Ma Ri always come at the bad timing! argh! During the meeting with the male teacher, Da Ran's colleague took away Da Ran's phone with her. But Yoon Jae was trying to call Da ran's phone and the colleaguge picked the call. The colleague told Yoon Jae not to come near Da Ran anymore, because he had no idea how hurt Da Ran was when Yoon Jae left. Yoon Jae was shattered to hear that. Meanwhile in the house, Ma Ri found a ring in Yoon Jae's suitcase. Maybe it's the ring that Yoon Jae was about to propose to Da Ran??? Da Ran said, "I have to go." but suddenly the male teacher shouted, "I like you!" So he confessed to Da Ran!! Da Ran told him, "Sorry, I can't." Da ran's colleague suddenly came and saved the male teacher and said, "Da Ran, you are mistaken! He didn't confess to you. He confessed to me! He asked me to go out with him!" So Da Ran left and run back to Yoon Jae's house. On her way, she called Yoon Jae, and asked him to wait more. But Yoon Jae said," Forget it, Just buy some fried chicken and eat it yourself." I think he is still shocked after looking at the ring. If the ring is for Da Ran, it means Yoon Jae really loves her! The next day, Yoon Jae came to Se Young and ask Se Young to put the ring on and see if it fits. Se Young put that on, and it doesn't fit her. Yoon Jae realized that that ring should belong to Da Ran. The next scene is in the dumpling restaurant, where suddenly Yoon Jae's mom came. I don't know what happened during the conversation, but when Da Ran went home, the parents were so angry and upset, and asked for her clarification. Da Ra said, "It's true. I am going out with him again." The dad said, "If you are going out with each other, you better get married with him. If you are not going to marry him, you better not meet him again." Da Ran went out and meet Yoon Jae. Yoon Jae give her an option. "If you want to get married with Yoon Jae, stay. If you don't want to see me again, then you can leave." Da ran seems to be hesitant. He countet. 1…2…3…, he grabbed her hand and put the ring on her finger….and it fits her!!! the last sentence was pretty shocking though, "I, Kang Kyung Joon, won't love Gil Da Ran." OH NO this is heart breaking!!! Ep 8 Preview: ---------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to share this card by clicking on the f/t button! Don't forget to click on the ♥ button too! :) 
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idiot i think she only stayed for kyung joon she just couldn't leave him in the hands of Yoon Jea's mother. he is just blinded by the ring and thinks she only sees him as yoon jea which i don't think is true since he came back.
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