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Outdoor brand Merrell‘s hot new faces Kim Woo Bin and Lee Na Young have recently filmed a CF together and a few cuts from it have been revealed! Merrell’s 2014 S/S CF filming took place in the great outdoors of Queenstown, New Zealand. The concept that Merrell is pushing for this season os “lifestyle outdoor,” which Kim Woo Bin and Lee Na Young excellently portrayed by modelling the products against the beautiful scenery. In one of the photos, Lee Na Young is decked out in yellow and beige colors on her windbreaker jacket and backpack, giving her a soft yet chic image as well as giving off a comfortable outdoor look. Kim Woo Bin is captured in an orange and mustard colored jacket with hiking shoes, exhibiting his wild charisma in his face and giving off dynamic poses in a natural way. Lee Na Young and Kim Woo Bin have never met before but it is said that they had great chemistry and worked like the professionals that they are, earning them grea praise from the staff. This CF starring Lee Na Young and Kim Woo Bin will start airing on broadcast on February 7.