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Top Reasons to Choose Flutter for Mobile App Development

In this time driven, fast-paced and competitive world, mobile apps have been a part of our life. According to research, around 51% of people check their phones and open mobile apps 1 to 10 times a day. For mobile app development company trusts flutter because it is faster, easy and saves time and money. Flutter is a mobile UI framework that is free and open source. Flutter platform to build ‘Create Once, Use Anywhere’ UI components, that means a codebase can be used to create a frontend for multiple platforms such as Android and iOS.

There are about 8 million apps in the Google Play store, 2.2 million in the Apple App Store, 669K in the Windows Store, and 600K in the Amazon Appstore. According to a PWC report, the on-demand economy revenue which was $14 Billion in 2014 will reach $335 Billion by the time we enter 2025. (source)

Why Choose Flutter for Mobile App Development

If there are any questions in your mind related to why flutter is the best software development kit for application development, here is the answer to those questions.

1. Easy to Learn

If you are a mobile application developer then learning flutter will be easy as falling off a log for you. Flutter uses the same development environment like other platforms such as iOS and Android as a container, row, flex, and column. If you know object-oriented programming languages and can manage to work with them then the language that is used in a flutter that is “Dart” will be easy to understand for you. Another benefit of flutter is, it has amazing documentation.

2. Faster Performance

Flutter is very fast compared to other hybrid frameworks. There are other faster frameworks but flutter provides standard performance. Flutter does not use the java-script bridge to link and run code and it also does not use web-view to display. Since a code tested on one platform doesn’t need testing for another, Flutter saves around 50% of the testing time thus ensuring a faster time-to-market of the app.

3. Save Time and Money

Flutter decrease the time to develop a new feature in an app from 1 month to 2 weeks. Native app development is much time consuming and costs higher compared to flutter app development. Without compromising with the quality it makes cross-platform app development possible. Flutter is like a game-changer for the app owners who need a cross-platform app. But they are afraid because anything less than native will impact their business.

4. Excellent Documentation and Enough Libraries

In spite of being a newcomer, flutter has ample libraries that can help you to achieve any functionality in your app. Now, onboarding developers are easy with flutter that gives you the freedom to choose developers for your app. Google has prepared excellent documentation for a flutter with every feature, functionality and practice in the enormous detailed documentation. It will make it easy for new developers to get on board swiftly.

5. Better UI Capabilities

Flutter allows you to create an app using a widget combination. So, it could be a placeholder for Drawer, Appbar, Snackbar, Scaffold, etc. Flutter’s powerful interfaces will give your app look like rich experience and mature branding. The navigational patterns, functional reactive framework, rich fonts and platform-specific scrolling, and much more. With the help of flutter, you can build breathtaking apps. Breathtaking apps in terms of UI design and visual appeal, with its customizable Widgets.

6. Easy Error Handling

When an error occurs in any app the whole mobile app stops working and it makes the developer’s task difficult to identify where the error is and how to rectify it. But flutter does not work like this. It uses multiple widgets and by combining them creates the whole application. In case if there is an error in a particular widget then only that widget and its sub-part are affected and other things work fine. The error message is only shown at that particular location. It helps to treat mistakes easily and with great ease.

7. Build Versatile Apps

Flutter is used for building apps in various industries for impressive UI such as healthcare, Entertainment, social, utility, education, e-Commerce. Flutter has a bunch of built-in widgets that are merged to create an app like a grocery delivery app. For building user interface (UI) blocks, this set of widgets is customized.


Flutter helps you to complete your app development faster than your competitors so that you can lead the market with an on-time product. Flutter has some wonderful privileges to cross-platform mobile app development. If your company is planning to develop a mobile app for Android and iOS platforms, then Flutter for UI creation will be a great choice.
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How to Choose Best Mobile App Development Company
Since you're looking for some advice to make a decision, you already know that the process is not like shooting fish in a barrel. However, simultaneously, plainly tracking down the right application development company is an essential advance in changing your application thought into the real world. What is a Mobile Application Development Company? An application development company is a company that specializes in creating functional applications. Most of them work for other clients looking to build applications but have no in-house software development experience or services. That is why it is important to have a dedicated team model that will take care of everything while focusing on the business. While there are thousands of application development companies worldwide, you can be careful not to choose the cheapest provider. So instead, carefully select the only mobile app development company in New York that you work with based on your specific requirements and observations. Tips for Choosing the Best Application Development Companies Let's find out some of the key factors that can help identify an IT company capable of delivering custom mobile apps that can impress users and generate revenue for owners. These are the considerations to take into account before hiring the services of mobile application development companies. #1. Find a good portfolio Once you have made a list of your target companies, now look for a leading mobile app development company in Los Angeles with a good portfolio. A portfolio is important for identifying technical expertise, project topic, business domain, and more. Ask the company if it has worked on a project similar to your company's requirements in the past. Your previous job will give you an idea of their experience and skill set. #2. Better ROI to assist you in standing out from your competition, you should offer your customers more than just a site. Getting a mobile app helps you get there. Companies can now enjoy a higher return on investment and reach customers via mobile devices thanks to the shift from desktop to smartphone. A good app development company should outline a plan to monetize your app and present it as the right destination for your target audience. The company must focus primarily on flexibility, usability, and brand visibility. #3. Experience and Expertise You should also be able to see that the company you chose is up to the task. They must understand the critical functions of the application that you want to create and have a clear vision of working with them. Developers should also explain how to implement the features they propose and suggest suitable frameworks to use. Finally, check to see if your app can seamlessly integrate with some of your other workflows and systems. #4. Data Security In today’s era, the leak of the app idea is the biggest threat to entrepreneurs and businesses. Because of lax security measures implemented by mobile app development companies, many low-quality replicas appear in app stores before the original. Businesses and entrepreneurs should ensure that the IT company they choose to design and develop their mobile business applications must follow strict security measures. The idea and concept of the app must remain confidential before it finally hits the app stores. The development company must be ready to sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure the security of the concept and idea of the application. #5. QA and Testing Measurements Most of the custom mobile apps have technical bugs and errors. Regular interruption in the operation of mobile applications leads to the loss of users' interest in them. That is why great application design and development methodologies are not enough. Development companies need to follow some of the latest manual and automation testing and quality control measures to ensure the final product is free of technical errors or bugs by the time it hits the app stores. #6. Post Development Support It can be easy to choose a company ready for maintenance and support for a few days or months after a successful mobile app development. However, there is a possibility that you will run into an issue that you need to resolve urgently after the application development has been completed successfully. Therefore, you can also have a long-term agreement with the company for maintenance and support. You should look for a company interested in your business, and not just in application development. The company's interest in your business can guide you appropriately. There are chances that you will miss a deadline, over budget, and surprises in the enterprise software development industry. Final Thoughts Choosing the services of the right mobile app development companies is a great investment, and that is why it is important to invest your money in the right direction. And before investing, look at the considerations written above to get in touch with the right company.
What’s New in Flutter 2?
Finally, 2021 has given a reason to get excited about, isn’t it! With the release of Flutter 2. Let’s dive into the new updates of flutter 2 and Dart 2.12. Web We all have experienced how amazingly, Flutter’s web support has transitioned from beta to the stable channel. Through new updates, flutter will take the code reuse feature to another level with the support of the web platform. Flutter built an interactive web app by exploring the web platforms. Sound Null Safety This is one of the best addition to the Dart language, which supports the type system by separating nullable types from non-nullable types. This is how Flutter developers can easily prevent null error crashes which is a common reason for app crashes. If you don’t have strong technical skills then better to Hire flutter app developers who can easily catch these issues during development and prevent crashes in production. Fun fact: Sound null safety is fully supported in stable as of Flutter 2, which contains Dart 2.12. Desktop The new release has made it clear that Flutter’s desktop support is available in the stable channel. You can use it as a “beta snapshot” that previews the final stable release coming later this year. Platform Adaptive Apps One of the major benefits is Flutter supports three platforms for production apps three more in beta such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. Now, you must be thinking: how to write an app that adapts itself well to multiple different form factors, input modes, and idioms? The answer is Flutter Folio scrapbooking apps. Google Mobile Ads to Beta This is the amazing Flutter plugin that provides inline banner and native ads, in addition to the existing overlay formats. The plugin supports Ad Manager and Admob, so no matter what size publisher you are, this plugin can be tailored to your scenarios. Plus, it has a new iOS release as well. New widgets:  The new update of Flutter has two additional new widgets, AutocompleteCore and ScaffoldMessenger. Multiple Flutter instances with Add-to-App Through the Add-to-App feature, reuse your Flutter code across both Android and iOS app Development platforms while still preserving your existing native codebase. Flutter Fix Flutter fix has come in combination of multiple features. It has the new command-line option to the dart CLI tool called dart fix that knows where to look for a list of deprecated APIs and how to update code using those APIs. Flutter DevTools This new feature can use for Android Studio to notice when there’s a common exception and offer to bring it up in DevTools to help you debug it. Android Studio/IntelliJ Extension The new Flutter plugin provides multiple features for Flutter 2 as well. Such as a new project wizard, which matches the new wizard-style in IntelliJ. Visual Studio Code Extension The Visual Studio Code extension has improved for Flutter 2. You can easily perform several testing enhancements with the ability to re-run just failed tests. Summary: Last, we can expect more amazing updates from Flutter in the future and I hope the above information has given you the surface level idea of: what’s Flutter 2? Want to know more about Flutter or looking for a mobile app development? Shiv Technolabs. Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading flutter app development companies in the world. Due to our verified strategies, we assist your Flutter App to get notice and download by many folks every day.
How to Develop a Flower Delivery Mobile App
Sending flowers to someone or buying it for someone special is a great way of showing affection and love to the people we love. Needless to say, the flower app development industry is emerging as a highly profitable industry at present, and if you land a quality application then you can easily captivate impressive ROI. It is an ancient trend to give flowers to someone on their special day or occasion as it is a great way to cherish the moment. The flower delivery business is also becoming a top choice for small entrepreneurs for startups as it can be established easily without making any heavy investment or having technical expertise. In this article, we will explore the key aspects related to an on-demand flower mobile app development company, its features, cost required to develop the app, and many more. The Key Features Required to Build a Flower Delivery Mobile App Technology has swiftly transformed how we function in our day to day lives and sending flowers to loved ones is also not left untouched. With on-demand flower delivery app solutions, users can easily select, customize, order, and send flowers to other people with a few simple clicks on their smartphone devices. Mobile application solutions are in handling the selling and purchasing of the products online where an on-demand florist application is becoming an exponentially growing business. However, to develop an application it is extremely important to have a functional understanding of the features that are required to create a successful application. Even if you are willing to hire flower app developers, understanding the core features will help you streamline the project development. 1. Sign Up Or Log in This feature enables users to sign up to the florist application where they can set up their accounts by entering their contact details or any other login credential. 2. Customized Flower Sets Everyone appreciates customization when it comes to flowers and it is a crucial factor, especially in flower-delivery applications to have the customization option. It allows users to enhance their order by adding cards, gifts, or toys to the whole arrangement. 3. Order Replacement It is a very common issue that might arise when the order fails to be delivered due to the improper circumstances, for example, if the flowers are not fresh or if the order is not exactly customized. Hence, with the help of order replacement service, customers can easily resolve their queries with their application components. 4. CRM Integration CRM integration will help you to strengthen customer relationships with your flower delivery application. It will also allow users to seek any guidance for their queries which they might be facing while using your app solution. 5. Real-Time Tracking You can facilitate users with the real-time tracking feature across the whole fleet of flower delivery and allow them to track their order in real-time. This will also facilitate users to get quick updates at each stage of their receiving. 6. Inventory Management This is a critical feature that is provided on the admin panel where they can easily manage and organize the inventory by undertaking the track of the current or unaccepted order. 7. Real-Time Analytics Any florist application that is integrated with the real-time analytics feature will offer multiple benefits to users. It will allow them to have access to pie charts, reports, and live dashboards, and its admin can also view the same. The Market Size of a Flower Delivery Mobile Application Without any doubt, the flower delivery industry has become a multi-dollar business across the world and if you have a high-quality absolution then you can easily retain an incredible ROI for your platform. You will be amazed to know that there are more than 16000 flower delivery establishments that are present in the US and the maximum number of flower growers are actively working all over the world to fulfill the demand. You can follow the below-mentioned statistics and learn about the market size of the flower delivery application. ● The estimated value of the floral industry across the world is more than $10 billion ● The estimated value of overall flower sales is around $7 billion ● The estimated annual sales of an average florist shop are more than $1 million The Development Team’s Requirements To conduct an extensive Android, iOS, or iPhone app development flower delivery app solution you have to hire a dedicated team of professionals who can especially craft the perfect business solution for you. The developers must be proficient to meet the frontend and backend web development requirements with absolute proficiency. You have to make sure that the entire application operation processes starting from initiating or receiving orders to successfully delivering flowers can be easily handled by your application. To maximize the accuracy and comprehensibility of your application expert mobile app developers can help you the most. The Cost Of Developing a Flower App On Demand And Development Solution The cost of developing flower delivery mobile app solutions depends upon multiple factors. The factors that hold a crucial position are the functions, attributes, or features that are integrated into a flower delivery mobile app, either on iOS or Android app development. Some of these factors are- ● The geography of the mobile app development partner ● Frontend and backend app development ● User interface/user experience app development ● The selected platform for developing the application ● Customization, third-party application integration, and other functions Along with the aforementioned factors the determinant is the location of the mobile app development company or your app development partners. The UK or US-based developers charge around USD75 to USD 300 per hour. On the contrary, Eastern European developers charge USD 60 to USD 150 per hour, and in India, it is quite reasonable and you can get the services at USD 30 to $100 per hour. You can also hire dedicated developers in India and the app development cost for developing a flower delivery application will be around USD 14000 to USD 25000.
Needle-Free Injection System Market : Technological advancements in the field of self-injection devices Industry
According to a new market research report “Needle Free Injection Systems Market by Product (Fillable, Prefilled), by Technology (Jet, Spring, Laser, Vibration), Usability (Reusable, Disposable), Type of Medication (Liquid, Depot), Delivery Site (Intramuscular, Subcutaneous) – Forecasts to 2021″, published by MarketsandMarkets, the global market, in terms of value, is projected to reach USD 20.17 Billion by 2021 from USD 9.81 Billion in 2016, at a CAGR of 15.5% during the forecast period. Browse in-depth TOC on “Needle Free Injection Systems Market” 151 Tables 33 Figures 183 Pages Download PDF Brochure: Growth in this market is mainly driven by growing prevalence of chronic disease, increasing incidence of communicable disease due to needle stick injuries, rising demand for biosimilars and vaccination, advantages of drug delivery technology, increasing demand for self-injection devices. On the other hand, high development cost of needle-free injection systems over the conventional needle injection may hinder the growth of this market during the forecast period. The report segments the Needle-Free Injection System Market based on product, technology, type, site of delivery, applications, end user and regions. Based on the technology, the market is divided into Jet-based needle-free injectors, spring-based needle-free injectors, laser-based needle-free injectors and vibration-based needle-free injectors. The jet-based needle-free injectors are expected to witness the highest growth during the forecast period, due to their advantages over the other injector systems. Based on the Applications, the market is segmented into vaccine delivery, insulin delivery, Oncology, pain management and other applications; the vaccine delivery application segment is projected to be the fastest-growing segment during forecast period in 2016. The growth of this market primarily attributed to factors such as the rising incidence of chronic diseases, technological advancement, and growing preference for self-medication. Based on region, the Needle-Free Injection System Market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia, and the Rest of the World (RoW). North America is further subsegmented into the U.S. and Canada; while Europe is further subsegmented into Germany, France, the U.K. Italy, Spain, and Rest of Europe (RoE); Asia is further subsegmented into Japan, China, India and Rest of Asia (RoA). In 2016, North America is expected to dominate the market, followed by Europe. The increasing demand for self-administration, and rising prevalence of chronic diseases and conditions (such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and arthritis), advantages offer by needle-free injection system are driving market growth in North America. Request for sample pages @ However, Europe is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period.  The high growth in this market is attributed to the rising demand for biologics, growing prevalence of chronic diseases, technological advancements, mergers and acquisitions by major companies in the market, favorable reimbursement policies, increasing healthcare expenditure and regulatory approvals of new injection system are key factors driving the market growth in Europe The Needle-Free Injection System Market is a fragmented market, with several big and emerging players.Key market players include Antares Pharma, Inc. (U.S.), Endo International plc (U.S.), PharmaJet (U.S), Bioject Medical Technologies Inc. (U.S), Medical International Technology, Inc. (U.S), INJEX Pharma AG (Germany), National Medical Products Inc. (U.S.), Valeritas, Inc. (U.S.), European Pharma Group (Netherland), PenJet Corporation (U.S), Crossject SA (France). Browse Related Reports: Injectable Drug Delivery Market by Type (Device, Formulation), Therapeutic (Hormonal, Oncology), Usage Pattern (Curative Care, Immunization), Administration (Skin, Musculoskeletal), End User (Hospital, Home Care Setting) – Global Forecast to 2020. Drug Delivery Technology Market by Route of Administration (Oral (Solid), Pulmonary (Nebulizer), Injectable (Device), Ocular (Liquid), Nasal (Drop), Topical (Solid), Implantable (Active), Transmucosal (Oral)), End User (Hospital, ASC, Home Care) -Forecast to 2020. About MarketsandMarkets: MarketsandMarkets is the largest market research firm worldwide in terms of annually published premium market research reports. Serving 1700 global fortune enterprises with more than 1200 premium studies in a year, M&M is catering to a multitude of clients across 8 different industrial verticals. We specialize in consulting assignments and business research across high growth markets, cutting edge technologies and newer applications. Our 850 fulltime analyst and SMEs at MarketsandMarkets are tracking global high growth markets following the “Growth Engagement Model – GEM”. The GEM aims at proactive collaboration with the clients to identify new opportunities, identify most important customers, write “Attack, avoid and defend” strategies, identify sources of incremental revenues for both the company and its competitors. M&M’s flagship competitive intelligence and market research platform, “RT” connects over 200,000 markets and entire value chains for deeper understanding of the unmet insights along with market sizing and forecasts of niche markets. The new included chapters on Methodology and Benchmarking presented with high quality analytical infographics in our reports gives complete visibility of how the numbers have been arrived and defend the accuracy of the numbers. We at MarketsandMarkets are inspired to help our clients grow by providing apt business insight with our huge market intelligence repository. Contact: Mr. Rohan MarketsandMarkets 701 Pike Street Suite 2175, Seattle, WA 98101, United States Telephone No: 1-888-600-6441. Email: Visit MarketsandMarkets Blog @
Reasons Why Flutter App Development is Trending in 2021
Google introduced the flutter framework, especially for mobile application SDK. Flutter application helps you to create visually attractive cross-platform apps for Android and iOS. One of the major benefits is Flutter provides you one code base for both iOS and Android platforms. They base it on the OOPs concept that helps in an easy compilation of written code into native code without any requirement of extra bridges. Let’s see the top Reasons to use Flutter in Mobile App Development: Is based on Dart a fast, object-oriented programming language that is easy to learn, Provide its widgets, drawn with its high-performance rendering engine. They are fast, pretty, and customizable. Because of great Widgets, Flutter provides you awesome look and feel. Same UI and Business Logic in All Platforms Reduced Code Development Time Faster code development Increased time-to-market speed Close to native app performance Enormous UI customization potential Separate rendering engine No reliance on platform-specific UI components Suitable for any target platform With the help of great features, Flutter reduces the risk and losses for your application. Why Flutter App Development is trending in 2021? Impressive and Customized Designs Flutter simply lets you tailor the existing widgets as parts of the app design and building procedures. Flutter app developers can easily build robust apps with lesser effort. Perfect for MVP Flutter is all in one package as a framework. It provides you the MVP strategy that needs limited time and efforts including the nominal cost of flutter app development services. Has Google as Its Backbone Flutter was introduced by Google and has an incredible SDK of Google for making detailed native applications that work for desktop, web, and mobile technologies with the help of a single codebase. Quicker Applications Apps based on flutter SDK excel in functionality. Flutter provides you tremendous speed and work with seamlessness, without hanging amid cutting and scrolling. Saves Lots of Time Flutter eliminates the deployment time drastically. You can do modifications without losing your existing app. Plus, flutter lets you develop UI, troubleshoot bugs, add features without compromising on speed and creation of application. Widget Fabrication For providing a great user experience, flutter app combines to create online transformation & experience for the users to use the application smoothly. Users also make widgets as per their requirements and it will save for the future as well. Needs less Testing Flutter for mobile development doesn’t require much testing. Because it is a single codebase, so you just need to write an automatic test for it. As testing doesn’t take much of your time, the time for marketing goes down automatically. Comparable to Native Application Dart is used for developing a flutter application that removes the JavaScript Bridge and compiled to native machine code. Through Flutter you can develop a faster application compare to other platform Apart from the above, there are many other great services that Flutter provides like, High App Responsiveness, Backed by VS Code and Android Studio, and, Transparent Documentation. Wrapping Up At last, flutter is undoubtedly a game-changer in the world of cross-platform mobile app development. You can get in touch with us at Shiv Technolabs. Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading flutter app development companies in the market.We have hands-on experience with Flutter app development services that run on iOS and Android from the singular codebase.
Tips to Increase Remote Employee Engagement
Many companies are now seeing the advantages of remote workforce engagement, which is leading to increased adoption. Many businesses find it appealing to recruit and retain highly competent staff in locations where they wish to reside. And employees love the ability to work remotely for most or all of their working day while still enjoying competitive employment conditions, including salary levels and benefits. From Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, there are many reasons why people choose to work remotely. Remote workers have more flexibility and autonomy over their schedules which makes them happier employees overall. Businesses save money on office space costs since they don’t need as much space for their employees anymore! However, employees who work remotely are more productive. This is the most obvious benefit of a remote team. People who work from remote places tend to be able to get their work done more quickly and avoid wasting time on distractions like office chatter, gossip, bathroom breaks, etc. When people can focus better, they create better results. Thus, better management of remote employees contributes in the following ways to accelerate your business growth- · Better retention of employees · Enhanced productivity · Improved client satisfaction · Increased innovation · Greater business reach · Better talent acquisition Ways to Increase Remote Employee Engagement - 1. Encourage social interaction 2. Promote knowledge sharing sessions through virtual meetings 3. Encourage peer-to-peer feedback 4. Assist your employees with the right tools to work 5. Give employees the flexibility to work How to manage remote employees with WorkStatus? The WorkStatus is a web-based project management software that is one of the most popular functions. It allows teams to make the most of their time together by setting working hours and task durations. One of its features is that it will enable you to determine when someone is at work, what they’re doing, and where they are. Workstatus’ remote employee monitoring service can help businesses save money, productivity tracking, manage projects, and track the time and engagement of an off-site team. You can easily manage your remote employees with WorkStatus as it provides the following benefits- · Track employee engagement with data and reports. · It automates project management. · Easy to control and view the system of remote workers. · Track tasks, time, costs, projects and manage the schedule. · Conduct interactive coaching sessions with workers across the globe. Sign up today to claim your free trial of employee monitoring software here - SOURCE : 7 Tips For Managers to Increase Remote Employee Engagement