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iPhone app development company Chicago

an iOS operating system is one of the fastest & secure operating systems for mobile app development. Apple is known for its quality of product & service and the iOS operating system is one of them. We are one of the iPhone app development service providers located in Chicago USA. Contact Us for more info

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Is Upwork Clone is the best for starters if yes then why?
There are a great many clients at present utilizing the Freelancer marketplace platforms. The clients primarily involve the two consultants and managers. These days, Upwork is the best spot to secure positions and post occupations also. The vast majority of the consultants are perusing the activity class in Upwork to get an appropriate independent line of work on the web. Though then again, organizations have been always posting their employment in Upwork and enlisting a correct consultant to finish their occupations. Building an independent commercial center stage the same Upwork Clone Script can truly be a magnificent thought on the off chance that you are intending to go for a productive independent eBusiness. In the event that you are a learner, it will be great to attempt upwork clone content. It accompanies tremendous offices and advantages for the startup business people. In fact, the outsourcing business as of now is one of the most thriving ventures. As indicated by the US authority of work insights report, around 16.5 million individuals today make up the independent economy. Other than this, according to the future workforce report from Upwork Clone, roughly 59% of the workforce is utilizing the independent commercial center stages because of adaptable working hours. This has helped organizations a great deal. It has enabled them to set aside cash which they used to contribute while contracting conventional work powers. With the progression of time, the conventional working model experienced changes. It very well may be said that innovation has favored the Gig economy. In fact, the gig laborers with popularity aptitudes are presently ready to gain immense salary through the assistance of outsourcing employment on the web. There is a great deal of independent online stages accessible nowadays. Be that as it may, Upwork Script is the most mainstream among them. It has got 12 million enlisted consultants and 5,000,000 enrolled customers. The current circumstance has unquestionably prompted the presentation of progressively independent stages so as to upset up the requirements of the consultants and managers around the world. On the off chance that you are a startup, the opportunity has already come and gone to gain the most extreme from the present situation. There is no compelling reason to experience the typical procedure to construct an independent site. Today, there are site clone contents accessible to make the whole procedure simpler, quicker and less complex. The upwork clone site content can give you a total answer for this. Here are some benefits of using Upwork Clone If you want to startup and build your own business website quicker than Upwork Clone will help to create a freelance platform within a few hours. You don’t need any web developer or web designer to build your website. Because Upwork Clone comes with fully ready-made solutions. After installation of Upwork Clone Script within 24 hours you can get fully ready your freelance platform and get set for launch on life on the internet. This clone script is 100% customizable. So you can also modify features for using your business model and requirements. It is created with a 100% verified coding structure, accordingly, the content is exceptionally secure and is positively shielded from SQL infuse and hacking. The product item is anything but difficult to deal with and can be controlled from wherever whenever. It is anything but difficult to introduce. There are specialists to direct all through the establishment procedure directly from starting till the end. The item is accessible at a sensible cost. In short, this is how upwork clone script work and is easy to use for beginners to build a website like other freelancer platforms. Here are some calculations for How much does it cost to build a website like Upwork So if you also want to start up your freelancing business and make your business bigger than all the competitors so buy, install and use it for your better future.
Mystic Messenger fans?
Hey Guys! I'm going to explain this app as I am playing the game ^3^ So here is some basics if anyone wants to play. (and what I know as of right now, no spoilers in this card please) When you first load the game you can only pick casual story, where you can unlock either, Yoosung, Zen, or Jaehee. In the game you can collect hearts to give you a hourglass or gain an hourglass by the characters. (or of course buy them with money, but I am poor) Once at 80 hourglasses, you can spend them on unlocking deep story, which you can find out what is up with 707 and Jumin! The game is a dating Simulator game. You have 11 days to complete all your emails, and during this time you find out what character you will end up with at the end, IF YOU make the right decisions. The Emails are clients you are trying to invite to a party, hosted on the 11th day. What makes this game different from others is, you can receive emails, phone calls, text messages, and also involve yourself in groups messaging chats. You can also see if you have miss calls from a character and use 5 hourglasses to call them back. (doesn't mean they will always answer though TT..TT) Whats really cool about this game is you can click their cute little faces and see what is going on with them, it's profile pictures and status updates! You can also receive photos throughout the game and they are saved automatically, so you can go back during the game and after the game to look at them! A cool thing this game offers is the save and load feature. Let's say you're switching phones and don't want to start over; don't have too with this game. Just sign in and load where you last left off. On the 11th day (the last day) you get to be with the one you love on that round. It's quite cute I must add. I've personally been playing this game for 25 days! I'm on my 3rd ending and having so much fun keeping up with everyone's stories. ♡♡♡♡♡♡ I'll start posting spoilers in my next card about my first time around. Until then here is Jaehee upset about all this damn work!
5 Apps for Couples in LDRs
"Honey, I'm sorry I have to take that job across the country." "Yikes," you think. But then you remember that you live in the 21st century, full of helpful communication tools and technology. YOU GOT THIS! Being in a Long Distance Relationships are really tough, but using technology can help keep things fun and creative with your communications tools. Here are some that I LOVE <3 1. Couple This app is pretty self-explanatory (I mean the name says it all!). It's essentially a sharing app for you and your partner. It's a clean way to share messages, video, images, and also real-time drawings. 2. Showgoers This isn't technically an app, but it's amazing. Want to have a movie date with your partner, but are having a hard time figuring out when and how to watch something at the same time? This app is a chrome extension that helps you both hit PLAY at the same time. Movie dates in the modern world people! 3. DreamDays I've come across a variety of "day counting apps" but this one has to be my favorite! Not only does it count down the days until something, but you can organize it too! Plus it's just really pretty and well-made, so you can count down the days until you see your partner in style. 4. Companion Ever worry about your partner and their late night commute? Or just would appreciate that your partner is watching over you. This app allows you to be your partners (or anyone really) "companion" as you watch them get safely to their destination. And is awesome. Thanks @LizArnone for that heads-up. 5. Simply Us Share your calendar, todo list, and others notes with your partner so they know what's on your plate. This one could be particularly helpful surprise dates, because you will know exactly when their schedule is less messy! You can also use these with Long-Distance Family and friends. In additions to some of these apps, my family likes to use WhatsApp and Snapchat to keep each other reminded of our love. Are you using any of these apps in your LDR? What tech do you use to keep in contact? Tagging homies @AlloBaber @dominika @buddyesd @Kourtland @xwishingonstars @EasternShell @michellefuentes @melltheoriginal @CaptainJimi358 @Alcides13 @InVinsybll
Nasvo Wp Consultant Pack Review – Live WP Website Editor Tech To Create Business Pages Without Hassles
Nasvo Wp Consultant Pack Review Creative Local Business Websites Must Be Easy Not every day I take a look at the marketplace, and simply think… “WOW”. But today is that day. Because what I’ve come across I have not seen before. That’s why I’m recommending this to you. They have built a solution for anyone with an online presence. ONLINE or OFFLINE based. It doesn’t matter. And it doesn’t matter what kind of website you have or want to build. “ NASVO Business WordPress theme” will be able to take care of it all. Live Section Editor for easy live editing Amongst the fastest loading available ( just see their live demo page ) 100% Mobile Responsive SEO Optimized Ready to use templates Inbuilt Google Analytics …too much to fully list! I can’t really explain how many features there are… Because on top of all of these features also, there’s a ton of training that you get as a bonus to make the most of this theme. It’s not just about how your website looks, it’s also about how it performs. You need a website that gets traffic, and one that also gets customers. Your website is your (or your clients’) business. Now’s the time to POWER-UP your Smart Business. What this theme boasts in elegance, is matched by how it performs “behind the scenes”. It’s basically a real POWER tool where you can transform your website… Into a website that will pull in the high-end clients… … within the space of a few clicks. Be sure you do grab this before it’s too late. Not only will you kick yourself for not doing it, but I’ll be kicking myself over you. It’s really that good. Remember… Traffic = Conversions = Sales And the best part here is that if you buy this software on my review, you’ll get some special rewards from me worth up to $ 25,000. It can work in conjunction with Nasvo Wp Consultant Pack, helping your business grow like crazy in 2020. Please check out the next part of my review for more information and details about this software. NASVO WP Consultant Pack Review — Overview CreatorAstrobluProductNasvo ThemeLaunch Date2020-Feb-23Launch Time9:00 ESTOfficial websiteCLICK HEREFront-End Price$19.45BonusesYes, Huge BonusesSkillAll LevelsGuarantee30 Day Money Back GuaranteeNicheTheme & PluginSupportЕffесtіvе RеѕроnѕеRecommendHighly recommend! NASVO WP Consultant Pack Review – What is it? Nasvo Theme is a brand new theme that help online business easily create their own type of marketing websites such as Sales Pages, Landing Pages, E-Commerce Sites, Company Websites, etc, with unique contents, designs and features.  This Theme consists of a one of a kind WordPress Marketing Theme, which up to 30 Awesome HomePages, 30 unique Demo Sliders, 52 Awesome Shortcodes and a lot more premium marketing tools, all of these integrated into an extremely easy to manage. About Creator NASVO WP Consultant Pack is another product of Fachrul Stream from ASTROBLU. It is a well-known firm that is very good at researching and establishing graphics projects, especially beautiful themes for WordPress website: eCommerce, affiliate, web agency, landing page, local business, etc. They have continuously generated at least 19 products that satisfy the needs of any online business which thinks a marvelous interface is the first approach to impress their visitors. Some can be listed: MATESTORE WP Theme, ECOMLAB WP Theme, Flaxie Agency WordPress Theme, ECOMBOX Theme, Marketzin Video Templates, SHOPYCOM, BLUSTORE, you name it. Let’s see if this product comes in useful by reading my NASVO WP Consultant Pack review. What Are the Features of NASVO WP Consultant Pack? Change Every Text, Element, Color & Section Like a Puzzle This feature will help you create a website easier than ever. You do not need to remember any shortcodes. It will make your work much more enjoyable and also save your time by providing loads of tools for your choice. Create Lightning Fast Websites With the help of proper balancing of JS, CSS, Nasvo Theme can run fast and extrememly easy to load to give you the best experience. Create SEO Friendly Websites It has been designed to meet all your on-page SEO needs. With light code, you are able to set Meta data such as title, description, Keywords, no follow, no index tags right from user interface for any page, post or archive pages. All you need to do is use top 3 search engine’s webmasters tools without any hassles to index your pages faster. All Important Business Sections Included This feature will help you to optimize your work by providing what you need for your business websites. You do not have to remember nay shortcodes so that create a websites will be easier than ever. Works Great on All the Devices! Most of local searched happens on Mobile devices. If a business website is not mobile friendly, it is like insulting your customers & BIG loss. Therefore, this feature can enhance your site appeal on Mobile and even tablet devices. 100% SECURED WEBSITES You do not need to worry about the security issues because this Nasvo Theme includes latest technology and intelligent coding to help you access to 100% secured platform. Section width & height. This feature make up the basic architecture of the page, and allow you to reach a level of design reserved until now for high budget custom designed websites. Column & content position. You can decide to position the column to any where of a section, or stretch it out to the whole section. This unique feature gives you the freedom to create any design that is customized. COLUMN GAP You can change the gaps between columns in order to let your design breathe. By changing the gaps at once, you will get access to different column layouts, and visually, decide which one has the best fit for your site. This setting is amazingly simple to alter and also makes a huge difference on the ending result. Padding & Margin setting Set the padding & margin for sections, columns & widgets, using px, EM or %. This feature is unique. Without using EM or %, the heading you set might end up looking huge in mobile or even tablet devices. RESIZE COLUMNS This feature helps to choose from default settings and easily add more columns to the row. With Elementor, you have complete control over the height and width of your columns. Customizer Live Editor Take control of your entire site, set any settings of your page, post and layouts using live customizer wordpress feature. Header & Footer Layout A variety of headers & footer for your choices. Super-Duper-Powerful Mobile Website Solution This Nasvo Theme  also provides customization options to make your local business websites become more engaging. Lighting Fast Mobile Sites It gives flexibility to remove sidebar & footer widgets which have not to little use on mobile phones and also decreases website performance so your site can rank better in mobile search. Don’t Lose Mobile Visitor anymore This theme enables you to have full control on what to show as first screen when customers visit your site from Mobile or Tablets. You will get close to all potential visitors so you will not lose mobile visitors anymore. Manage client’s business website from Your Mobile phone You can use the dashboard from you cellphone and edit something in the go, without waiting to get home. In the internet marketing world, just 1 minute counts hundreds of sales. BLOG & GRID LAYOUT Create a beautiful blog with many various kinds of layouts. Create a better impact on your audience with a blend of content with tons of trendy designs. ResponsiveLayout By Default This feature includes: 25 Modules Ready-to-Print Editable Flyers Business Cards Video Promotion Logo, FB Cover Step-by-Step Video Training When getting this Nasvo Theme, you will also get access to video trainings to have a deeper-understanding.   How to create a beautiful & user friendly websites for businesses using our theme in 10 minutes How to Edit & use our Video Commercials and Much more… How to Edit & use our merchandise How Does It Work? I highly recommend you should go through NASVO WP Consultant Pack needs you to do the below steps: Step 1:Choose A Template That You are Interested In  Step 2:Alter It With Built-In Options Step 3: Publish Or Sell It To Earn Money To Your Pocket NASVO WP Consultant Pack Review – Is it worth buying? NASVO WP Consultant Pack is a unique huge WP toolkit to transfer any imaginative sites in your head into real appealing works. Not only that, it may be able to provide you some additional genuine inspiration to create more outstanding pages that you’ve never thought before. It’s not just about how your website looks, it’s also about how it performs and leaves memorable feelings for your potential audience. You need a website that gets traffic, and then also gets customers, progressively. A website is either your or your clients’ business. Now it’s time to empower it. What this theme boasts in elegance, is matched by how it performs “behind the scenes”. It’s basically a real POWER tool where you can transform your website into a website that will pull in the high-end clients within the space of a few clicks. To sum up, NASVO WP Consultant Pack is the surest way to make people remember your sites, generate leads and sales. There’s no exceptional reason to pass by it. Here’re YOUR HIGH-VALUE BONUSES  MOCKUP MARS Turn ordinary images into attractive compositions with the power of perspective mockups. An efficient marketing tool perfect for enhancing your portfolio and showcasing your work, it requires minimum effort and yields maximum results. With all the content in one place you will find yourself saving loads of time, and with the interface this easy, you shall see first results with just a few clicks. Who Should You Use It? Nasvo Theme is suitable for anyone who have no idea to create the concept for local business websites by their own which can get traffic and target potential customers. After considering all the features and benefits, I would recommend Nasvo Theme is perfect for: Affiliates Online/Offline Marketers Website Owners Business Owners Freelancers Product Creators Internet Marketers Digital Marketers Email Marketers Pros and Cons Pros FREE Theme Developer License 30 Business Layout 100% Newbie Friendly One Time Payments SAVE Time & Money Full Step-by-Step Tutorials 100% Mobile Responsive SEO Optimized Ready to use templates Inbuilt Google Analytics 30 Days Money Back Guarantee Cons Up to now, there is none Pricing NASVO THEME FRONT END: $19.45 You can own this product at the price of $19.45. This price is really a big deal for you and I highly recommend you to buy this product right away at the golden time because this price will be increased till it reach $47 after a few days launched. You also get a 30 days money back guarantee, if you have any problem within 30 days and it is unable to be fixed, do not hesitate to email for a prompt and courteous refund. Here are some feature that you can definitely get when purchasing it: Main Theme Theme Developer License Unlimited Site License Theme Updates Theme Support HD Theme Tutorial HD WordPress Tutorial HD Traffic Generation Tutorial Here come a few OTOs that you can consider to help you create stunning local business websites: OTO 1: PRO ($39) OTO 2: DEMO PACK + Developer License ($39.95) OTO 3: WP Legalizer (29.45) OTO 4: Course Starter Sites ($347) OTO 5: DFY ($49-$159) NOTE: Here are some Upgrade links for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) firstly and then you could buy any OTOs if you love. If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well Conclusion You won’t see the price keeps very low for long. You have to lock the massive discount right away. Trust me, this is the best chance you’ll ever have to own your NASVO WP Consultant Pack. I hope that in my NASVO WP Consultant Pack review can help you to make up your mind more accurately and quickly. If you have any questions leave a comment on the blog post to let me know. Thank you for reading. Good luck to you! REMEMBER! If you purchase through my link, you will be supported 24/7; That means you can contact me ANYTIME when you get trouble in using or can not contact with the authors/ product supporters. I will help you RIGHT AWAY!
BTS Game (App)
Alright guys well thought I just let you know for the BTS fans out there! :D I had gotten the notification on FB but I forgot to screenshot and then I couldn't find it! 😭😭😭 personally I like BTS Game more but the other one is pretty entertaining too :D. Android: HERE Just in case you like the actual link lol Ios: HERE Again just in case you like the link lol Ok these are some screenshots of the game. I took them by order from left to right top to bottom. Does that make sense? Well anyways theyre really fun and I like it a lot especially the games in pictures 3 6. Pictures 3 to 5 are all the same game. You spin the wheel and depending on the time you listen to pay off the song and then identify the correct one. I love this one as well! Also to be honest Im not sure what the voting thing is though. (Last picture or the trophy 🏆 on the first set). Android: HERE Just in case lol Ios: HERE Again lol This one is also pretty entertaining but honestly I really love the other app. Plus I cant get past the bomb one! 😭😭 also this one you move up. You have to pass the other ones in order to unlock the next one. So I cant play the last two unless I pass the bomb one. 😭😭😭😞 Anyways hope you guys enjoyed and let me know if you plan on getting either one or both? Tell me what you think. Id love to know 😁 anyways enjoy. Vingle tag list. @kpopandkimchi @MrsJungHoseok @PrettieeEmm @MadAndrea @Meeshell @Emealia @VeronicaArtino @BBxGD @nenegrint14 @bambamisbae @Baekyeol27 @JustinaNguyen @Helixx @PrincessUnicorn @Kieuseru @Jiyongixoxo @JinsPrincess86 @KellyOConnor @amobigbang @RhiannaTiaMay @AimeeH @Skyrollins @TerraToyaSi @herreravanessa9 @ashleyemmert @CreeTheOtaku @Kyokeo @KpopINT @Roxy1903 @Stevieq @Ash2424701 @Krin @MrsBangYongguk @ArmyofKookie @annevictoriaaa @VIPFreak2NE1 @AnnahiZaragoza
애플, WWDC서 'iOS 13'공개
다크 모드, 새 애니메이션, 구형 아이폰의 속도 향상 애플의 새로운 OS(운영체제) iOS 13의 공개가 한 달도 채 남지 않았다. 애플 iOS 13은 오는 9월에 공개될 아이폰 11에 사용될 예정으로, 작년 iOS 12 출시 때 원래 계획됐던 몇 가지 기능들을 포함해 다양한 개선점 및 새로운 기능이 iOS 13을 통해 선보여지게 된다. iOS 13의 특징은 크게 세 가지로 다크 모드, 새 애니메이션, 구형 아이폰의 속도 향상이라고 보면 된다. 블룸버그 통신은 가장 큰 디자인적 변화 중 하나로 네이티브 다크 모드를 소개했다. 컨트롤 센터에서 직접 활성화할 수 있고, 야간에 볼 수 있도록 최적화된 검은색·회색 계열의 인터페이스를 도입한다. 블룸버그 통신에 따르면, 아이패드 사용자들을 위한 추가 서비스로, iOS 13은 개선된 홈 스크린과 수정된 멀티태스킹 인터페이스를 제공한다. 또한 아이패드를 통해 같은 앱의 다른 버전을 사용하는, 예를 들어 맥OS 및 윈도10과 서로 호환되는 기능 역시 강화된다. 애플은 아이메시지(iMessage)에 대한 다양한 업그레이드를 준비하고 있는 상황이다. 메시지 플랫폼은 최종적으로 사용자가 프로필 사진을 설정하고 이름을 표시할 수 있도록 하고, 그 정보를 볼 사람을 선택할 수 있도록 해야 한다. 애니모지스(Animojis)와 메모지스(Memojis)를 최대한 활용하기 위해 애플은 이것들의 스티커 버전을 보낼 전용 메뉴를 대화 창에서 준비하고 있다. iOS 13 사용자는 키를 개별적으로 누르지 않고 글자 사이를 휙휙 넘겨 단어를 입력할 수 있는 새로운 키보드 옵션을 사용할 수 있을 전망이다. 이와 함께 타사 소프트웨어와 원활하게 작동하는 개선된 파일 앱과 사파리(Safari) 웹 링크 및 사진을 쉽게 공유할 수 있는 새로운 공유 시트 인터페이스가 제공될 것으로 보인다. 맵 기능도 강화된다. 사용자는 자주 위치를 설정하고 쉽게 위치를 탐색할 수 있다. 게다가 자주 가는 장소의 그룹을 만들어 사진과 짝을 이루는 기능이 추가돼 인터페이스에서도 쉽게 볼 수 있게 된다. 또한 애플은 부모들이 하루 종일 특정 지점에서 자녀가 접촉할 수 있는 사람을 제한할 수 있도록 해주는 새로운 기능을 도입한다. iOS 13 릴리즈를 완료하는 것은 친구 찾기(Find my Friend)와 아이폰 찾기(Find my iPhone)를 하나로 결합한 새로운 앱, 새로운 보상 시스템을 통해 사용자가 더 많이 읽을 수 있도록 하는 새로워진 애플 북스 앱, 그리고 아이패드를 맥 컴퓨터의 보조 디스플레이로 사용할 수 있는 새로운 기능 등이다.
The Ultimate guide Android App Development
Mobile App Development: a new growing wing of the software development industry and It's growing every day with new emerging techs. Mobile application had gained a special position in human life; it became part of the human body. Humans may live one day without food and water but it cannot live without a smartphone. The Way we conduct business has also changed. People used to communicate for business with some physical elements but now everything in the business has been digitized like shopping, money transactions, information gathering this task saves lots of time for consumers as well as a business owner. One other benefit that business owners get is that they need minimal human power to function properly. So when mobile applications make our life that much advanced and easy you might think that to develop mobile applications how much money & time required? Obviously it requires money, time & efforts as per your demand & wants from the mobile application. There are various stages that need to be taken to develop mobile applications. But the success & failure of application depends on the software development company which company you have hired, how many years of experience they have. There are lots of Android app development company chicago Who provide app development services in the USA. So what are steps that are required to develop a successful fully customized android application for your business? Here are the steps that require to build a mobile app Goal The first step toward building a mobile application is defining a goal for your mobile application. What is the goal of your app? Are you building it for selling products or services? Are you building it for getting closer to your target market? Are you building it for other purposes? Here you need to provide a specific goal of your app. Wireframing After defining your goal your next step toward building a mobile application is wireframing. Here in this step, you are going to draw visuals of your mobile app. What will be the look of your mobile application? What is the flow of the slides? Here in this stage, you need to develop a visual of your app on paper. Selecting Developing Path After developing a wireframe now it's time to select which programming wants to use for your mobile application. This is one of the most important parts which play a vital role in this whole process. Because the mobility of app optimism with devices depends on the programming language. Developing a Mobile App This the final stage where all the work you have put to develop mobile application being used and developer start programming for a mobile app it is a process of using logic to develop features & functional that work properly as per you want them to work. Original Source:
Where to Meet Women – Know the Right Places
If you are having trouble meeting women, it probably has to do with the fact that you are looking in all the wrong places. Here, we won’t just give you ideas for specific places where you can meet women, but tell you why they are great places and tell you how to use them to your fullest advantage. Bars and Clubs: The Wrong Place Where To Meet Women Bars and clubs seem like the logical place to meet women. In fact, a lot of women actually go to these places to meet men (for new meetings the online video chat). But, unless you are incredibly good-looking or really good at flirting (or both), then you probably aren’t going to have any luck. You know those Animal Planet documentaries which show the males doing things like displaying their plumage, knocking their antlers together, or puffing up really big in order to get the attention of the females? Well, that basically sums up the atmosphere in a bar or club. Women in bars know what you want – and this puts them in a position to make you work for it. Plus, there are almost always going to be more men on the prowl than women – which puts women in an even bigger position of power. It isn’t impossible to meet women in bars and clubs, you’ve just got to be really good at the art of pickup. Aside from the pickup tricks, you will also have to be damn good at bantering (download our free guide on how to flirt with girls). Even if you succeed in picking up a girl in a bar or club, it probably isn’t going to go anywhere. This is because it is really hard to get to know a girl in a bar or club. The chances that you and the girl actually have something in common is pretty slim. So, if you want to meet women for something other than casual sex, I’d suggest you start looking in one of the following places. Get Passionate about a Hobby Other than confidence and paternal instincts, the thing that women find sexiest is passion. It doesn’t matter if you are passionate about something as dumb as model airplanes or as complex as binomial figures, women will get turned on if they can see your passion (though it would be even better to get passionate about something sexy like cooking or Latin dancing…). Before I go any further, I want to clarify that passion is NOT the same as obsession. It is one thing to get excited about your hobby and travel around the world to pursue it. It is another thing to revolve your life around this one thing. Passions give you something unique to talk about when you meet women, and they can also present a lot of opportunities for meeting women. If you are passionate about model airplanes, for example, you can meet women in aerospace museums and easily strike up a conversation by commenting on the displays. A lot of hobbies have groups and events, so these are great places to meet women. Join a Social Club As we get older, it is really hard to meet new people because we get so wrapped up in our own lives. Clubs and other social groups present a unique opportunity for meeting new people. This setting is one of the best places to meet women because: It is social by nature; women join to meet other people You will have plenty to talk about You will have plenty to do in case conversation starts lagging Their defenses are down, unlike in a bar or club What type of club should you join? It really doesn’t matter but, if your goal is to meet women, then you should look for a club which has lots of female members. Some examples of good clubs to join are: Language exchange clubs Book clubs Hiking clubs I’d recommend checking out the website It is a place where members can start clubs based on interests. There are meetups worldwide and major cities usually have tons of different options. Learning Classes Taking a class is a great place to meet women. Not only are there lots of women in these classes, but the women are often in what we can call a “transitional” stage of their life. People tend to start taking classes when they want to improve their lives – and they often consider finding a new relationship part of this improvement. So, there is a good chance that the women in your classes with be single and open to going out on dates with you. Even if you don’t see your dream girl in the class, the class still provides you with plenty of opportunities for improving your social skills. Another big plus is that taking a class gives you something to talk about when you meet women in other places. Just mentioning that you are taking a class will be a big turn on for women because they find it sexy when guys do things to improve themselves or are open to learning new things. So, take a look at what sort of classes are available in your local area. These classes are especially good for meeting women: Adult education classes from the local community college Arts and crafts classes Cooking classes Language classes Group Dance Classes EVERY guy should take dance lessons, even if he has absolutely no interest in dancing. Why? Because, for humans, dancing is the exact same thing that bucking antlers is for deer: a mating ritual. If you can move on the floor, you subconsciously tell women that you are good in bed. Plus, most ladies love dancing and you will be more likely to get and keep her attention at a bar or club if you are impressive on the floor (no bantering or flirting required!). Since women tend to be more interested in dancing than men, group dancing classes will likely have a surplus of women. This is a great opportunity to meet someone. Or, if you don’t like any of the women in your class, invite them out dancing after class sometime (telling them to bring their friends too, of course!). Start Playing a Sport Sports teams are a great place to meet women. Ideally, you are going to choose a unisex league and a sport which women typically like to play, such as volleyball instead of something testosterone-driven like touch football. Since there won’t really be that many women on your actual team, it might seem like this isn’t the best place to meet women. Not so! After practice or a game, you will probably go out for drinks with the team, and they will certainly also invite you to events like parties and BBQs. At these get-togethers, you will have lots of chances to meet your teammates’ lady friends. Since you’ve already been given the “okay” through association, it will be much easier to approach these friends. As an added bonus, playing a sport is a great way to get in shape and get your confidence up. This will definitely help you attract the ladies. Even mentioning that you play a sport can be a turn on for a woman! The Dog Park If you have a dog, then use it to your advantage. Forget the normal walk and start taking Rover to the local dog park. Then, make a good show of playing with your dog. Women are attracted to men who have dogs because it shows that you are responsible enough to care for a living creature. When you play with your dog, it is an even bigger turn on because it alludes to all your potential daddying skills. Here are some tips on how to strike up a conversation with women at dog parks: Scout out the park first. Don’t hit on any women until you’ve gone there a few times to see who the regulars are, and to see if they come with boyfriends/husbands. Once a woman has seen you a few times at the park, she won’t be weirded out if you strike up conversation. If your dog isn’t social by nature (i.e. isn’t going to go sniff other dogs’ butts), then bring an extra ball with you. Then be the nice guy and throw her dog the ball. Ask what her dog’s name is. Then (depending on the dog), ask if the dog is a rescue or a pure-breed. Once you’ve made a connection, ask if she’d like to go for a walk with you and the dogs sometime. If this meeting goes well, the next date can be without the dogs. Libraries or Bookstores Intellect is an attractive trait, which is why libraries and bookstores are good places to meet women. However, you’ve got to be really careful about how you approach women there or you run the risk of seeming creepy. To make the most out of these places for meeting women, check out their events calendars. There should be some book readings, classes, discussion groups, or other events going on. Since these are social events by nature, it won’t freak a woman out if you start talking to her after the event. A word of warning: don’t approach random women at a library or bookstore unless you are a genuine booklover! Otherwise, women will quickly see through you and get creeped out. If you actually do love books though, then it isn’t too difficult to meet a woman at these bookish places. When you see a woman reaching for a book that you’ve read, then smile and comment on it. Don’t give her some scholarly discourse or try to sound intellectual! You will just end up sounding pretentious and obnoxious. Say something simple like, “I usually don’t like psychological thrillers, but that book had my mind in a warp for days.” Then follow up with a question like, “Have you read any of her other books?” or “I’m looking for something new to read. Got any recommendations?” If you make a connection, then ask for her phone number. Don’t be hesitant about it either! Say something along the lines of, “I know this great little bistro nearby. Can I take you out there sometime? A woman that likes Paul Auster is too good to pass on!” (followed by a flirtatious smile) If you still haven’t mastered the art of small talk and bantering, then I’d recommend you read our guide to flirting, which you can download for free here. Coffee Shops Honestly, this is NOT a good place to meet women. When you approach a woman at a coffee shop, she knows exactly what you want for her. This is fine if she is also hoping to meet someone, but chances are that she is there to get her daily caffeine buzz and do some work. Before you get scared off from the idea of meeting women at coffee shops, be aware of the fact that many women fantasize about being approached by a stranger while they are out doing their daily business. At the very least, you will probably make her day. After all, who doesn’t like to be noticed by the opposite sex! But, before you approach a woman at a coffee shop, look out for these signs that she is open to your approach: She is at a wide-open table and not hidden away in the corner somewhere She is relaxed and not crazily typing away or doing some other work Her body language is positive (arms uncrossed, relaxed posture…) You make eye contact and she returns your gaze instead of scowling In a coffee shop, you really do need a good opener. Ideally, it should be a “genuine” question so she doesn’t get her guard up and think all you want is sex. For example, I once picked up a girl who was at a coffee shop doing some work on her computer with this line: “How do you like that Dell computer? I was thinking of buying the same one but was worried about a review I read which said they overheat.” If the question is “genuine,” then it will lead to further conversation. In my case, the woman opened up and told me about the work she does on her computer. I asked her if she’d like to go get an ice cream with me at a nearby place and we were out on a date that very hour. You Can Meet Women Anywhere… It is possible to meet women anywhere, so long as you are open and avoid doing anything which could be perceived as creepy (more on that in our article about how to meet women). Keep in mind that confidence is key! To get yourself ready for approaching women, check out our guide to how to flirt with girls which you can download here for free.
Sailor Moon Drops?!?!
Soooooo, I was on Facebook and it suggested a game for me to try! Every Sailor Moon fan who likes bejeweled should play this! This game is not only a fun puzzle game with pretty jewels, it also follows the Sailor Moon anime plot line! You move along a map, your enemy is Beryl (like the classic), and you get to checkpoints where you have to defeat enemies! You start with Usagi introducing herself, and transforming into a sailor soldier, and make friends along the way, like in the series! Plus, you can't forget the dynamic of Usagi and Mamoru! And of course, Tuxedo Mask, who as always, has a great bit of flare! 😂😉 I love her reaction! So classic! The game is well done and cute, everyone should play it! Happy puzzle playing! Thunder family: @jessicaacosta90, @KhrystinaLee, @ElleHolley, @JaiiPanda, @ashleyemmert, @Isolate, @sarabear1021, @EliseB, @Lexxsisco, @ScarletMermaid, @Nadinerzz, @narutobandgeek More tags: @kpopandkimchi, @Miss148, @honeysoo, @iamrotamrot, @AimeeH, @StephanieDuong, @KaceyDodge, @B1A4BTS5ever, @kpopGaby, @PassTheSuga, @MattK95, @Starbabes, @baileykayleen, @byeolbit, @NatMarie, @KhrystinaLee, @sugajin94, @AgentLeo, @XergaB20, @netchtiBates, @CheyenneJessee, @allischaff, @ocherrylimeadeo, @Meeshell, @ravirie, @DeeNice, @HappyGLAlexis, @Viresse, @AlmaRangel, @edwinb94, @IzzyPerkins, @Boekyeol27, @solodaywithB1A4, @YvonJerzak, @wonsikbrah, @TaeJinMaknae, @TesneemElAlami, @Mastermind2K16, @kelseyblair, @ciabrizz, @Dahliadang, @KellyOConnor, @JustinaMclean, @ToriDaldegan, @ashelynlandon15, @kpopular, @StarlightDria, @RecklessYouth, @AlatheaOwan, @JazminOrozco, @Adetoro, @kpopgirl42, @NayizX3, @squeakk, @paksaedi, @Elanana, @xxxtina, @BTSinsfires@JiyongLeo, @lovetop, @lilbr0wneyes, @resavalencia, @IsoldaPazo, @KristinaCaron, @SarangRavi, @goinnutz22, @JenGambale, @ElishaFisher, @Mikim000, @TesneemAlami, @VeronicaArtino, @jenxchan, @deilig Found this gem online. Not mine. Credit to original author.