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IU and B2ST’s Gi Kwang were recently chosen to voice over the characters in A Turtle’s Tale: Sammy’s Adventures 2, a 3D animated adventure film. Following on f(x)’s Sulli and Big Bang’s Daesung who voiced over the characters in Sammy’s Adventures 1, which attracted over a million audiences, IU and Gi Kwang will voice over the characters in Sammy’s Adventures 2. The news excited many audiences who had been waiting for the sequel. In Sammy’s Adventures 2, which is coming back with more adorable characters, a larger scale, and a more touching and adventurous story, IU will voice over Sammy’s granddaughter Ella. She’s a cute, lovely baby sea turtle who is careless but has a lot of energy to get into adventures to rescue her grandfather with her friend Ricky. Gi Kwang will voice over a baby sea turtle Ricky who likes Ella and gets into adventures with her to rescue her grandfather. Many people are wondering how the baby sea turtle Ricky will be described by Gi Kwang. In Sammy’s Adventures 2, Sammy and Ray get locked in an aquarium as they get caught by a poacher. To rescue them, Ella and Ricky will get into adventures in the vast ocean. IU and Gi Kwang are expected to make the story even more interesting. The adventure story of Sammy and sea turtles with high-quality 3D images will deliver a dynamic experience to the audience. It will be released on August 2. Source: TV Report