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Recently, Kim Ha Neul appealed with her voluptuous, flawless figure. In the episode of SBS’s drama series Gentleman’s Dignity (written by Kim Eun Soo, directed by Shin Woo Chul) that will air on June 23, Kim is to show off her perfectly-proportioned figure in a short dress and a pair of pink strap sandals. The shooting took place around Nonhyeon-dong in Seoul on the 14th. Kim appeared in a mini-dress which emphasizes on her slick, built figure. Staff became awed at her beautiful body. Her long, straight hair, accessories, and shoulder bag completed her perfect look from her head to toe. On seeing the post, people became more curious whether Kim will successfully seduce her partner Jang Dong Un with her new charm in the series. The production company Hwa And Dam Pictures says, “To portray her character Lee Soo, she has appeared in simple, neat outfit. You can build expectations for Kim’s new look in a short mini-dress and daring shoes.” Source: STARNEWS
good star
Yes her figure is good. She also look gorgeous in the red dress