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KBS 2TV aired a new episode of variety program 'Happy Together 3' with Jackie Chan, Siwon, and Narsha as special guests on January 23. On this day, Narsha greatly complimented Jackie Chan's son Jaycee Chan, saying, "Jackie Chan's son is a very warm-hearted, young man." It was revealed that his son was born in 1982, which puts him in his early 30s. Siwon said, "His son loves Korea a lot just like his father." Narsha continued, saying that it was really great to see how well Jaycee stayed by his father's side to help him out. Jackie Chan then said, "My son doesn't have a girlfriend right now," which obviously sparked some interest and hope as shown by Narsha's humorous facial expression. Jackie Chan then clarified, "He doesn't have one today." Surprised, Narsha asked if he was going to have one tomorrow to which Jackie responded, "Maybe." Narsha decided she needed to be quick and start dating him that very day, then!
lol XD
lol XD