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Mars In 10th House
Mars In 10th House Mars In 10th House For Aries Ascendant If the ascendant is in Aries, Mars rules first and eighth houses and sits in Capricorn's tenth house. This Mars represents someone who is willing to go to whatever length to advance in their career and in society. Mars can offer a job that is extremely difficult and demanding, such as Army, Police, or Firefighter. Mars In 10th House For Taurus Ascendant Mars governs the 12th and 7th houses in Taurus and remains in 10th house in Aquarius. Since Aquarius is sign of large organizations, Mars in this sign is favorable in the technological region. At the same time, since Mars is a natural malefic world, it causes conflicts and tension at work with Father or Boss. Mars In 10th House For Gemini Ascendant Mars governs the 11th and 6th houses in Gemini and remains in 10th house in Pisces if the ascendant is Gemini. Spirituality, Knowledge, and Behavior coexist whenever this occurs. Because of Mars' simple essence, it also depicts someone who has domination problems with his coworkers. Mars In 10th House For Cancer Ascendant Mars rules the 10th and 5th houses and stays in 10th house in Aries symbol if ascendant is Cancer. This indicates a person with a deep desire to succeed at every level of their career. He would go to whatever length to get to the top. Since the 10th house is associated with the government, this may indicate someone who works for the government in the fields of defense or security. It can also depict a government lawyer. At work, this person will still claim his individuality. As a result, he may not be well-liked at work. Mars In 10th House For Leo Ascendant Mars governs 9th and 4th houses and resides in 10th house in Taurus if the ascendant is Leo. Mars, on the other hand, remains a malevolent world. As a result, this indicates that you can become a tyrant at work and attempt to manipulate others. You can be too committed to your religious system and believe that coworkers who disagree with your views should be oppressed. Mars In 10th House For Virgo Ascendant Mars governs 8th and 3rd houses in Virgo and stays in the 10th house in Gemini if the ascendant is Virgo. This depicts a powerful Journalist or Lawyer. They are still adamant about their reporting and claims. They do extensive analysis into every topic and then use considerable force to expose the facts to the world. They may be a government spokesperson or an advocate for the government. Sudden events and quarrels will sabotage relationships with fathers and authorities. They will assert their independence at work, which can result in conflicts and claims. https://www.talktoastro.com/article/mars-in-10th-house
Mars In 11th House
Mars In 11th House Mars In 11th House For Aries Ascendant If it is Aries Ascendant, Mars will be ruling the 1st & 8th house and sitting in 11th house in Aquarius sign. Here, Mars is a bit puzzled about working in big institutions and all since it is no longer an exalted Mars. Mars is in the sign of Aquarius where it is puzzled for the straightforward reason that Mars is an active soldier but he is told to increase network circle by making friends. The karmic lesson for Mars is you need to become an Entrepreneur. Mars In 11th House For Taurus Ascendant If it is Taurus Ascendant, Mars will be ruling the 12th & 7th house and sitting in 11th house in Pisces sign. This exhibits someone in field of Martial Arts, Yoga. He may be part of some big teaching institute. Every time Mars & Jupiter interchange energy, it makes native get indulged in spirituality through physical activities. Therefore, martial arts and Yoga get involved here. Native may have arguments with senior siblings, nevertheless will be the guardian. Native will be assertive in his money making strategies but will face difficulties while saving. Mars In 11th House For Gemini Ascendant If it is Gemini Ascendant, Mars will be ruling 11th & 6th house and sitting in 11th house in Aries sign. Native works for big institutions which includes a lot of physical work, like defense & security. Native will be good at earning but bad at saving. They kind of guard friends and elder siblings. Native may work as lawyer or doctor. Mars In 11th House For Cancer Ascendant If it is Cancer Ascendant, Mars will be ruling 10th & 5th house and sitting in 11th house in Taurus sign. Native will work for banks or big financial institutions or related business. Native will be earning and losing wealth at same pace. Native tries to dictate his siblings, friends etc consequently reducing his gains. Relation with Father is similarly a dominance tussle. Mars In 11th House For Leo Ascendant If it is Leo Ascendant, Mars will be ruling 9th & 4th house and sitting in 11th house in Gemini sign. It exhibits a rights activist or lawyer since Mars is a fighter and 9th house will be ruling Law and Mars is in the symbol of Communications. Native possess straightforward and harsh speech. Native may join religious institution, be their spokesperson, fights for religious views and may get into trouble because of his brutal speech, as Mars is in Enemy Sign. Mars In 11th House For Virgo Ascendant If it is Virgo Ascendant, Mars will be ruling 8th & 3rd house and sitting in 11th house in Cancer sign, where it is debilitated. If Mars is nearby to its real debilitation degree, this can begin some serious troubles. This indeed exhibits spontaneous events coming up and impacting the income... It also exhibits some serious troubles with elder siblings, especially brothers. Having insurance policy is a good idea. https://www.talktoastro.com/article/mars-in-11th-house
Mars In 12th House
Mars In 12th House Mars In 12th House For Aries Ascendant Mars governs first and eighth houses and stays in the 12th house in Pisces if the ascendant is in Aries. Your activities will take place anywhere Mars is. As a result, these individuals travel to distant lands/islands in order to join a spiritual organization. Their lives are changed for the better, and they travel to distant countries. They have the ability to serve in foreign companies. They may be in such a profession that the 12th house also represents areas like jails and Mars represents police officers. Mars In 12th House For Taurus Ascendant If ascendant is Taurus, Mars rules 12th and 7th houses and sits in 12th house in Aries. Someone working as a Soldier or Athlete and travelling to foreign lands is depicted in this picture. They will tackle spirituality from an individualistic mindset. It implies that they would be steadfast about their views and may be impervious to other viewpoints. Since Mars also rules the 7th house of marriage/spouse, it's possible that after getting married, the individual travels to foreign lands. Mars In 12th House For Gemini Ascendant Mars governs 11th and 6th houses in Gemini and resides in 12th house in Taurus. The perfect example of this positioning is a soldier or a sportsperson who travels to remote locations/foreign lands to serve their countries and raise money. He's a bit of a scrooge. If the negative effect is strong enough, it can result in someone being arrested or admitted to the hospital as a result of physical assault. Mars In 12th House For Cancer Ascendant Mars rules 10th and 5th houses and stays in 12th house in Gemini if the ascendant is Cancer. In their business ideas and marketing, they are very aggressive and proactive. Mars, as a malefic planet in an enemy sign and in the 12th house of loses, indicates anyone who is unable to save capital. Mars In 12th House For Leo Ascendant If the ascendant is Leo, Mars rules 9th and 4th houses and is debilitated of 12th house in Cancer. If Mars is close to the exact degree of debilitation, this is a situation where a person must be very cautious and can not do anything illegal, since there is a good risk he will end up in prison. In this situation, an individual will still be in a power struggle with his teachers. These individuals must therefore be cautious about escapism methods such as drugs and alcohol, as they can exacerbate severe health problems. Mars In 12th House For Virgo Ascendant Mars governs 8th and 3rd houses in Virgo and stays in 12th house in Leo if the ascendant is Virgo. This depicts an individual who works for the government in a foreign country and is involved in several hidden projects. It may even depict someone in the government's secret services, such as a spy or a detective. It may also depict a soldier fighting for their government in a foreign country. https://www.talktoastro.com/article/mars-in-12th-house
Get Your Free Numerology Report
Numerology is a four-thousand-year-old science that will help you find the meaning of your existence, your position in the world, your destiny, and the life you were destined to live. This will allow you to finally have the piece of mind that comes from knowing you're on the correct track. The symbolism of the numbers has a secret significance, and you have no clue how much these numbers can count. Get your free numerology report Numbers can truly guide you toward deeper self-knowledge by revealing hidden patterns and allowing you to make sustainable and good life decisions, as the Old Masters of Occult Knowledge recognized. Having the "inner talents" you need to make the best decisions for your life is more essential than ever in these times of fast change. These abilities rely significantly on self-awareness and acceptance. Exploring these talents can help to activate the mind's most powerful capabilities, such as intuition and compassion, which are among humanity's greatest talents. You can make the greatest decisions for yourself, your family, your community, and eventually for our world when you have the capacity to trust and be in tune with your own Sacred Nature. As your comprehension, self-awareness, and wisdom grow, you will find it much simpler to find answers to the difficulties that you face. It is currently utilized to determine the source of our mental condition, love, job, and eventually everything important in our life. We can predict the future and how events will unfold by understanding the genesis through numbers. The digits 1 through 9, 11, 22, 33, and 44 are used in numerology. We ignore the number zero since it is not thought to have its own vibrations. The bible and other ancient books faithfully represent the mystical meaning of numbers. We'll explore the universe of numbers and the impact they have on us and our lives. Get your free numerology report Numerology enables us to understand the messages of numbers, not only in their quantitative aspect, which is obvious at first glance, but also in their qualitative aspect, in which we recognize that behind each figure vibrates an energy that provides us with valuable psychological and spiritual guidance. Both mathematically and spiritually, numbers have meaning. In its most basic form, numerology is the link between a number and its mystical essence on both an individual and a collective level. The study of the numerical value of the alphabet is also known as numerology. Numerology is based on the concept that the cosmos is a system that can be divided into its basic parts, which are numbers. A numerologist may take many aspects of a person and split them into meaningful numbers using various ways by recognizing that everything in the world is based on numbers. These figures can assist us in better comprehending the world and ourselves as persons. Like many old ideologies, the origins of numerology and how it came to be so essential are a mystery. The first written records of numerology are claimed to have been discovered in Egypt and Babylon. Other ancient evidence may be found in Rome, Greece, China, and Japan. Everything vibrates or resonates at a specific frequency in life. Numbers are no exception since they govern life. When you consider how you would live without numbers, you will immediately conclude that it is impossible. Plant species with a specified number of leaves, flowers with a certain number of petals, and so on are all regulated by numbers.