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'Emergency Couple' has released their first OST 'Love Again' before their actual broadcast tomorrow! The first song up for the anticipated drama was sung by 3rd Coast, a big name in electronic lounge music. The song combines an electronic sound and an acoustic sensitivity, topped with dreamy vocals for a unique song to give to viewers. As mentioned previously, the two main characters played by Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk marry but later divorce, practically as enemies. However, they end up reuniting unexpectedly after six years apart as interns in an emergency room. The song 'Love Again' refers to this plot as it sings of the love between the two. The drama will air today, so make sure you give this a listen before you watch!
@christy .hopefully. viki.because I have dramafever in home but the one with khj is not in dramafever.thanks
@tyta468 I dunno chingu but I think drama fire and drama.net and drama good the most site always updated
@christy ..chingu what time and where.dramafever.kdrama.viki or which one?
need to wait to tomorrow to English sub