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Viagra for the first time? How does it work?

Viagra is widely used and trusted drug for male erectile dysfunction. It revolutionized the male sexual health more than two decades ago. It is tested and proven for its efficacy in removing the erectile dysfunction in males of all age groups.

Erectile dysfunction is an issue which makes it difficult for a male to get the erection that is hard for a satisfying sexual intercourse. It is not age related issue, but there are several factors which make it difficult for a man to maintain the erection. Health issues, lifestyle related issues and mental issues always make it difficult to get the normal erection without drug support.

Viagra is the safest drug for erection

Viagra is the safest drug for the erection process to take place for males who are not able to get it naturally. Its chemical sildenafil boost the function of nitrate oxide to keep blood vessels dilated for increased blood flow to the sexual organ. The basic function of a Viagra 150mg or any other pill is to boost the blood circulation in the body. At the micro biological level, it is the lack of adequate blood flow to the sexual organ, which causes erectile dysfunction. When the blood circulation increases to the sexual organ, the erection takes place.

Moreover, it is not generally suggested to go for Viagra 200 mg tablets, highest dosage when you are starting with any erectile dysfunction medication for the first time. It is advised to start with lower dosages and if they do not work for you as expected, increase dosage gradually.

The erection takes place after at least 45-60 minutes of the swallowing of the pill. The full potential is achieved after 60 minutes when the blood supply is at its fullest to the sexual organ. The impact of the drug lasts for at least 4 hours. During this period, the man can get erection any time he wants with the sexual stimulation. Once an erection is achieved, it lasts till the completion of the sexual activity. All traces of the drugs are eliminated from the body after 24 hours.

Basic precautions to get the best of the Viagra

Viagra is a medicine with an active chemical. Like every medicines, you need to take some basic precautions. These precautions are normal steps which you take whenever you have to swallow even a simple pill for a headache. First step is consulting a doctor to get the best dosage that suits your erectile issue. The doctor will examine your erectile degree. Then he will prescribe that correct dosage that is aligned to the degree of the erectile dysfunction. The benefit and experience of the Viagra that you get depends on the dosages. A higher dosage does not serve the purpose. And a lower dosage will never overcome the erectile difficulty. Only correct dose will give you the maximum results by keeping the side effects minimum.

Second step is to avoid mixing Viagra with any other drugs like levitra 10 mg. both are the erectile dysfunction drugs and combination will only aggravate the side effects. Never ever use two drugs at the same time. Even with any other drug for any medical ailment, the reaction of Viagra will be very strong and will only increase the few side effects.
If you are patient, show the list of all medicines to the doctor. There are many a drugs that react strongly with Viagra. The consultations with the doctor will tell you which drugs you have to avoid.

Understand that side effects are due to increase in blood circulation

There are few side effects, and these are natural to occur when blood circulation increases in the body. The red face, red eyes, nausea, drowsiness, and a headache are few minor side effects. But these will disappear soon. You will never find them disturbing your sexual act.

For time timers start with lower dose

However, it is good to start with lower dosages when about to start with any ED medication but when you are expecting best results, it is good to go for Cialis 60 mg.
Remember, the basic aim of the Cialis and its generic version Vidalista 20 mg is to increase the blood circulation for an erection process to take place. There will be no further boost to the erection process with higher than necessary dosage.

If still you fear some side effects, let me mention you a practical solution. Drop a Viagra into a glass of water. Let it dissolve completely, and then drink half the glass. See the results and then take other half, if you are feeling good and need more for a hard erection.
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나연이 끼는 액세서리의 비밀 (why Nayeon of twice always wear some accessories?) 《nayeon of twice》
나연이 항상 차고있는 악세사리들이 있는데, 누구나 나봉팬이라면 그 이유가 궁금할 것!! 지금부터 알려드릴게여! 나연의 V 라이브 도중, 팬의 질문 투척! ( on v-live streaming, Fan asked one question : "could you introduce your accessories putting on?" ) 악세사리 차는 걸 좋아하진 않는다는데... 왜 끼고 있을까요? ( she said didn't like to wear accessories. then why did her? ) 의미 있는 것들만 찬다네여! ( because they were meaningful things! ) 1. 정연이 선물해준 목걸이 ( 1. the neckless jeongyeon (twice) gives as present. ) 절대 안 뺀다는 반지. 그것의 이유는!? ( moreover, she hardly put off the rings on her fingers. was there any reason? ) 2. 트와이스 팀 반지! 그것은 바로 트둥이 끼리 맞춘 팀 반지 라네여! 약지에 끼고 무늬는 꽃무늬! ( 2. because it's The ring for twice team : they made a ring only for themselves! floral design, wearing it on ring finger. ) 3. 레드벨벳 예리와 커플 반지 나연은 연예인 마당발로 유명한데요! (인싸!!) 예리는 타 그룹 아이돌 중 가장 절친이랍니당 ㅎㅎ 그래서 반지도 맞췄네요! 검지에 ^^ ( 3. The couple ring with yeri (red velvet) Nayeon has so many friends in showbiz! (amazing celeb, right?) yeri is her most familiar person among other idol group. so that's why they have same ring on fore finger! ) 4. 갓이유님이 주신 두 반지들! 자타공인 오랫동안 아이유의 열렬한 팬인 나연은 갓이유님이 선물로 주신 두 반지를 절대 버리지 않는답니다! 각각 양손 약지에 꼇네여 ㅎㅎ ( 4. The precious two rings from IU! : everyone and herself admit that Nayeon is true Fan of IU since long time ago, so she never wants two rings (from IU's present) disappered! she wear them each on ring fingers of both hands. ) 그럼 모두들 안녕!!~~ 하트 주세여!! ♥️♥️ 외국 분들도 보시는 것 같아서 앞으로 부족한 영어도 끄적여 보겠습니당...ㅎ ( end! heart please ♥️♥️ thx!! In my opinion, some thankful foreigners seemed to visit my postings, so I get started to add Eng. sub! ) 리얼 막짤. 나연과 레드벨벳은 정말 친하답니다~ (조이 지못미... ㅠ 조이 사랑해여 ㅎㅎ) ( Nayeon and red velvet are so familiar each other! )
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