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Translation: Da ran: You can marry me. I will take care of you. Ma Ri: Da Ran's parents said that you will get married. Is that right? You won't right? Yoon Jae: Even if I do, it doesn't matter. So don't make a fuss out of it. Chung Sik: how much do you like me? Ma Ri: Are you both looking for Chung Sik? Teacher, why don't you go there? Yoon Jae: I know the person that Da Ran is looking at, is not Kyung Joon. I won't be like a kid who will block someone's heart to love someone else. Get Big episode's live recap, screenshots, and preview by following me at :)
excited for tomorrow's episode. :))
awwwwwwww da ran back hugging kyung joon aka yoon jae at the end <3
I hope everythings ok with chung sik ugh </3 I'm nervous
hmmm don't know but i got a weird feeling form ma ri there at the end. i wonder where she is sending Da Ran?