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Thanks to @cheerfulcallie for finding this! "But the toilets in Sochi will create a sense of community!" wrote former chess champion Garry Kasparov on Twitter. "This is what $50+ billion gets you!" Business Insider pegged Sochi's cost at the most expensive in Olympic history. The Beijing Olympics ranks second at $42 billion, and then it's a steep dropoff to the third: Athens 2004 at $18 billion.
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hmm, so thats what $50 billion gets you in Russia, no divider and no toilet paper?? thats just nasty....lolz..
4 years ago·Reply
No toilet paper in public spaces, european/asian law it seems
4 years ago·Reply
ehh??? eewww....ill be carrying some with me then....@curtis would you like a few squares?
4 years ago·Reply
A few?
4 years ago·Reply
Fine, you can have the roll....*hands it to you*...hahaha!!
4 years ago·Reply