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Stocks Drop On Slowdown in China & Others
The de­clines this week have been fed by dis­ap­point­ing eco­nom­ic news out of Chi­na and the rest of the de­vel­op­ing world. An in­dex of Chi­nese man­u­fac­tur­ing growth re­leased on Thurs­day showed that the sec­tor was con­tract­ing for the first time in six months. A num­ber of slight­ly dis­ap­point­ing eco­nom­ic da­ta points in the Unit­ed States has led to some con­cern that a slow­down in Chi­na could be con­ta­gious. On Thurs­day, da­ta on home sales came in slight­ly low­er than ex­pect­ed.
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And people say we're competing! So dumb
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Read this story and try to say we're competing, absurd
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