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«Clitoris», «vagina» and «uterus» are sexist terms...

You thought the intimate parts of the female body were free and independent? Wrong. By the terms chosen to define them, they too are the embodiment of patriarchal domination... For more inspiration you can visit TheToy.
If you're interested in the female body, you'll be delighted to learn that it's a territory in which man obviously couldn't help playing the sexual explorer geographer by naming his own private parts as if they were virgin land to be conquered. As a result, the names of mythological gods or old white anatomists are now squatting all over the area of the female pelvis.

For this reason, more and more organizations and personalities such as the Australian physicist Leah Kaminsky or the professor of cognitive sciences Lera Boroditsky (University of California, San Diego) are campaigning to change the names of female private parts. Last summer, the highly recognized and followed, an American medical site, proposed in its turn a sex guide in which some genitals were renamed to be more inclusive.

The idea? To sound the death knell for gender stereotypes and the dominance of the male in the body of medical knowledge, because as the American sexologist Kenna Cook said in an article for the Bustle site in January 2018: "Sex words in anatomy are meant to reinforce heteronormativity and an idea of sex-based solely on reproduction." A little anatomy tour that shows it might be time to consider serious renaming.

1. The clitoris
The name of the most misunderstood and misunderstood appendix in history comes from the ancient Greek kleitoris: that is to say what is used to close, a lock or key. In her study "De l'anachronisme et du clitoris", from the collective work Le Français préclassique (published by Champion, 2011), the professor of literature Michèle Clément explains: "The Greek verb "cleitoriazein" and the noun "cleitorida" already appeared in Rufus of Ephesus [a renowned Roman physician] in his treatise Du nom des parties du corps humain (around the 1st or 2nd century AD), and in his treatise Du nom des parties du corps humain (around the 1st or 2nd century AD), the Greek verb "cleitoriazein" and the noun "cleitorida" already appear in Rufus of Ephesus [a renowned Roman physician] in his treatise Du nom des parties du corps humain (around the 1st or 2nd century AD).C.); he mentions both words when he calls the "shameful parts of women.""

The linguist also recalls that at the time, the use of the word was used to designate indifferently the external parts of the female sex, confirming the disinterest of physicians in this part of the body until the middle of the 16th century.

How about...
"Eminence. Since the word is used in anatomy to refer to anything that might be a bump, growth or appendage, and in common parlance it means, according to the National Textual and Lexical Resource Center, "The high degree of elevation, height and superiority of someone or something."

2. Vagina
Said in English ("veujaïïna"), the word vagina sounds like a synonym for feminist empowerment. However, the word comes from the Latin vagina, which means "a sheath, a scabbard in which the sword was enclosed". Once again, by extension, the word refers to the heterosexual male and heteronormed view of sex: the vagina would therefore only be used to wrap a penis. The first occurrence of the word vagina dates back to 1674 when Nicolas de Blégny, a French essayist and surgeon, used it in his book Observations curieuses et nouvelles sur l'art de cérir la maladie venérrienne (Curious and new observations on the art of curing venereal disease). Bonus info: as a result of this remarkable work, the scientist was appointed Queen's surgeon in 1678. Nowadays the vagina can be stimulated from a long distance with a blotooth or a wi-fi controlled vibrator.

How about...
The American medical site Healthline seriously suggests replacing the word vagina with the trashy but pragmatic expression "front hole" - understand "front hole". It's up to you.

3. The uterus
"Uterus" comes from the ancient Greek hysterica, a term that also gave the name hysteria (you know the story by heart). Hippocrates, the father of medicine, and his Greek pals were the first to suggest that the uterus was particularly prone to go haywire (as well as produce toxic fumes) when it was unsuccessful. And that the only solution to this was marriage...

The idea has persisted through the centuries to the point where hysteria became an automatic medical diagnosis in a profession dominated by male doctors, who, to cure women, advocated massaging the genitals to trigger "paroxysms". As a reminder, hysteria was not removed from the American Psychiatric Association's list of modern diseases until 1952.

How about...
"Nidus," which is Latin for "nest." Because the uterus is the nest of life and we wanted it to sound ancient and scientific.
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Top Wedding Dress Trends
Every girl dreams of her wedding day throughout her life. She has everything planned perfectly in her mind. She wants her husband-to-be to fall for her all over again. And the wedding dress plays a big role in it. It is one of the most crucial parts of the ceremony. Choosing the perfect wedding dress can be quite hard. It is selected not only by your choice but your family’s as well because you just cannot disappoint anyone. But you need not worry because here I have compiled some of the trending wedding dress designs, both for Indian and Western. Get some inspiration from these and start looking for yours soon! A-Line Dress These dresses look very beautiful and elegant to see. They are body-fitted from the top and flows down freely and loosely after that till the bottom. Women who have their bodies pear-shaped are perfectly suitable for wearing A-Line Dresses as they don’t stick to the body from the bust area to feet. Mermaid Dress These dresses are considered to be very glamourous. You find such dresses in the movies and shows as these are very dramatic. Such a dress will make it difficult for people to turn their eyes away. These are fitted till the thighs and flows out elegantly after that. Crème and White Lehenga This was the color that was once looked down on for so many years. But now, it is in trend. This color is the most picked color for lehenga after red. Goldwork embroidery lehengas look so beautiful and graceful that is why brides these days love to wear this color in their weddings. You can get beautiful designer lehengas for yourself from this alternative to eBay. You will find very beautiful and elegant designs out there. So go and check it out! Pink and Peach Lehenga Pink is the favorite color of most girls growing up. Well, isn’t it great because it is trending these days! You can choose it to incorporate on your most special day. This color suits well on all skin tones and makes you glow. Whether it is a day function or a night one, pink color never disappoints you. Ball Gown These are the type of dresses that Disney Princesses wear. If you have been a fan of Disney, then you should totally check out these dresses. It will make the whole environment dramatic and you will feel no less than a Disney princess. Ball gowns are suitable for all body types. It will make your waist look slimmer and is very traditional as well. Red and Wine Lehenga Girls who don’t like experimenting much and are traditional in their choices, red color will look gorgeous on you. You can dig a little deeper and choose the wine color. It will make you look beautiful, elegant, and dreamy on your Wedding day. Also, you won’t even have to look for other colors while choosing lehengas. So, here we come to an end to this topic. I hope you would have found some inspiration from these trends. Go out on a search and shop accordingly. I am sure you will be looking like a goddess on your wedding day, whatever choice of lehenga you make.