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90年代ヒップホップ・オタク高校生の主人公マルコム。 彼が片思いする女子を追っかけて参加したパーティーをきっかけに、どんどん「ドープ(最高、かっこいい、麻薬)」な世界に足を突っ込んでいく... 彼が参加したパーティーでゲットしたのは大量のコカイン!? そんな優等生なオールドスクールオタクがヒップホップのアングラ感に憧れてマズイ方向に行っちゃうのか?行っちゃわないのか? そんな青春コメディ映画が日本でも公開が決定!! そしてこの映画の見どころの一つは豪華な関係者であろう。 まずはエグゼクティブプロデューサーに ファレル・ウィリアムス そして出演者に A$AP ROCKY KAP G Tyga Vince Staples Zoe Kravits (レニー・クラヴィッツの娘) 等のアーティストがいる。 舞台がイングルウッドというロサンゼルスの治安が悪いところなので、 南カリフォルニアの雰囲気を知りたい人やストレイトアウタコンプトンでCompton周辺に興味をもった方は見てみるといいだろう。
Style Star Spotlight: Zoë Kravitz
Actress Zoë Kravitz's downtown rocker style is the envy of many street style watchers. Lenny Kravitz's daughter has been slowly rising on the hollywood scene as an actress, while also making headlines for her beyond cool personal style. I broke down her look ito its main components so that you can turn heads, too! Bare a couple inches of midriff. Kravitz is not afraid of showing some skin, and her belly is often present as she opts for crop tops for both casual and formal situations. Often Kravitz's go-to is a high-neck top that reveals a couple of inches of tummy, rather than showing off cleavage as some stars might choose. Dress up in leather dresses A rocker staple, Kravitz has a penchant for leather, and works it seamlessly into red carpet wear. As trends come and go, leather never goes out of style, and she knows it. This way, even when she's at a formal event, Kravitz looks badass but appropriate. OR opt for sheer dresses Peek-a-boo dresses also often make the formalwear roster, looking tough but feminine. Kravitz loves a sheer dress over a body suit, or even just over a dark panty. It's sexy in an unexpected way, but she manages to put her look together to still give us some polish. Bra tops as tops. Speaking of showing skin, Kravitz has found another way of showing midriff as she often pairs a tiny bra top with high-waisted bottoms, keeping her navel hidden. She totally rocks the underwear as outerwear practice, often covering up other areas to tone down the revealing look. Round Sunglasses I couldn't go without mentioning Kravitz' round sunglasses, a true rocker staple. Her father, Lenny Kravitz, is rarely pictured without his trademark aviators, and Kravitz rocks her round, dark glasses out and about as the go-to accessory to top off any look.