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Abs Boyfriend fans, let us all mourn that this is going to end soon *sniff* Here's another heart-wrenching preview to check out as we wait for another episode to arrive.... =================================== Absolute Boyfriend/Darling Ep 13 preview XF (Xiaofei) NT(Naite) XF:In my heart, you will forever be my perfect man NT:I hope you can promise me, that when you see it, you will live each day happily XF: i dont know where I can find my happiness... all I know is that you can't go now. I dont want you to go. NT: goodbye... my girlfriend nooooo naite pleaseeee dont gooooooo *WAILS*
Thank you! <3 Gah! I almost cried... so sad =/
me too.... i think i am going to cry a waterfall....
Love it, but it sad ending