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Lee Min Ho was selected to model for one of the world’s biggest open markets, Taobao. The actor filmed the commercial for mobile Taobao on January 23, gathering over 5,000 people at the filming site. An affiliate of Taobao said, “We selected Korean actor Lee Min Ho as the model, who has been causing syndrome in China, in order to set trust and consensus among consumers.” Taobao marketplace, operated by Alibaba Group, is an open market that reaches up to 940 billion KRW (~875 million USD) in sales records in a day and recorded the total sales of around 176 trillion KRW (~163 billion USD) last year, setting the highest sales records for an online market around the world. Lee Min Ho is the first foreign actor to model for Taobao. According to an expert, mobile Taobao is a platform that records daily traffic of about 2 hundred million people, and is used by over 240 trading businesses. A staff who was present during filming stated, “More than 5,000 people gathered to see Lee Min Ho, but the exact number was hard to tell. We placed 200 security guards in order to block them from getting nearer, but they all waited until Lee Min Ho finished filming.” He also added, “We were touched to see Lee Min Ho smiling and being calm throughout filming despite the crowd.” Photo credit: Starhaus Entertainment Source Link: