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Last week's Running Man Episode 100 was excellent... but this week's one looks even better actually! I love CSI so I think I'm going to enjoy Episode 101 keke. Dont forget to check out my page to see more previews/drama news! ======================================== Running Man Episode 101 Preview ----- Gold Robbery Incident---------- To find out about the incident, CSI Crime Investigation Team is gathering.. Find the solution of the incident using the most advanced method of investigation... The most important key of the solution is...Song Ji Hyo??? The desperate pursuit battle which involve all the land and navy forces! So, what is the true identity of the intricate plot behind this incident???
AACK! i just saw, Kim Soo Hyun is starring on Ep 102!!! check out the previews here!
ooh just saw this card - those who havent watched Ep 100 check this out!
hey guys for those that can't see the video, try this link instead