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SF9 March Challenge 🍀

Hello Fantasy! For SF9 Community, today we are starting some challenges. We will be using these challenges for a giveaway. We are cordially inviting everyone to come join us in participate in these fun challenges.

This is one of the challenges, I will be starting for SF9 Community. It's a 30 day Bias Challenge.

As I mention before, we will be using this challenge for a giveaway.

Every giveaway has some rules. Here is SF9 March Challenge Giveaway rules-
- Must be member of SF9 Community
-Must follow @MelissaGarza and @Starbell808
- Challenge starts 3/01 and ends 3/30
- Winner will be announced on 3/31
- Be sure to tag us in your cards
- You need to complete, or almost complete the challenge to qualify for the prize.

That's basically all the rules for the giveaway. Pretty simple, right?

Now for the prize! Its SF9 1st Collection Album. The lucky winner will get one of these versions album. Pretty awesome prize, right? ; )

Now let's begin with the 1st day of the challenge.

Day 1- Predebut
My SF9 bias is Zuho. Here is his predebut photo.

Who is your SF9 bias?

Until next time Fantasy!

SF9 Community Council

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