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You tried and tried, but finally the moment has come when you need to accept the relationship has ended. There is nothing left to do, but feel the heartache. We have all been there. There is no easy way to bypass this feeling; it just takes time. These, however, are just 4 simple tips that may help the process along. Embrace Freedom Just as being in a relationship, being single has its own privileges and benefits. Don’t think of being single as a curse, trial, or tribulation. Enjoy the ability to live out your own goals and desires, and take time to appreciate the simplicity of single life. Along with the joys of being in a relationship come responsibilities and compromises that aren’t present when you are single, so live your life to the fullest regardless of your relationship status. Embrace Your Passions If you find that you have extra time being newly single, use it to pursue your interests and passions. With fewer relational commitments, you may find that there are more possibilities to embrace your favorite activities. Don’t focus on your boredom or loneliness; fill your time by doing what you love. Make New Habits Part of each couple’s relationship is developing habits together, and after a relationship has ended it can cause feelings of emptiness when those habits disappear. Try not to dwell on those past habits. Instead, take time to develop your own routine. Fill your day with the plans and activities that you enjoy most, and stick to your plan. Staying in a routine will help you find a new rhythm for your day-to-day life. Treat Yourself Instead of trying to find a new partner right away, direct your attention and affection inward. Prioritize your health and wellbeing, both physically and emotionally. Besides helping you soothe the emotional distress from your breakup, learning to love yourself will benefit you in your next relationship. I hope that these tips will all of you (and me) in our time of need :(