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Bamboo has not been regarded as the most glamorous of building materials but all that seems to be changing in Bali. Some incredible structures have brought a new sophistication to this traditional material. Coincidentally, the new structures center around the south of Ubud, set in the lush lowland forests that border the River Ayung and hidden inside a new wave of bamboo enclaves that have revolutionized perceptions of this material. Bamboo is a fast growing material and is incredibly durable. Anyone who has traveled around Asia would have noticed that a lot of scaffolding is made of bamboo, as it is as strong as steel. It also grows at a very fast rate and you can have a plot of fully-grown bamboo in seven years. A bamboo pole can be used in a structure after three years. It is therefore perfect building material that is also a sustainable and renewable resource in Bali. The use of bamboo on this island is not new and there are many other bamboo buildings that are also stunning. However, these two destinations embody a new attitude and philosophy toward bamboo, using it to build small communities that can bond with nature. ... Follow the link above for the whole article.