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It seems like we always jump from one story to another. No one seems to still be concerned with the disaster in East Asia. More than 6,000 people died, and nearly 2,000 more are still missing. Millions were displaced when their homes were destroyed or washed away. And authorities are still struggling with the simplest tasks, such as clearing away debris, rebuilding houses and counting the dead.
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Not like the US does any better
4 years ago·Reply
In new orleans they didn't do better after katrina
4 years ago·Reply
Katrina, was pretty bad...a delay in response and miscommunication was the blame, I remember FEMA and chaos...
4 years ago·Reply
Were you in the city @cheerfulcalle?
4 years ago·Reply
nooo, i met from the news, lolz.... do you not remember? ppl were stuck at the doom for days and the conditions were horrendous, there were also looting and violence thru out the city.... i cant recall everything but i also remember allegations were brought up as to whom was technically in charge and why the response time was slow...nothing was set in motion sooner in aiding and recovery for the victims....ppl were blaming the governor and questions abt the chain in command and getting approvals and whatnot???
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