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Google Nest Hub test and evaluation

With the Google Nest Hub, Google is launching its first smart display in Germany today. We have already received a test copy from the manufacturer in advance and examined it critically for handling, scope of functions and performance. We noticed some crucial differences, especially compared to Amazon Echo Show 2.

Google Nest Hub is an intelligent display for smart home control
A major shortcoming of most smart speakers is that several voice commands are required to receive certain information. Because especially when shopping by voice command, film or recipe search, the smart assistant often has to list a whole range of options until the right thing is found. On the other hand, many options can be clearly displayed on a smart display and supplemented with image material.

Accordingly, the Google Nest Hub shows many different smart home functions in the form of tiles similar to smartphone apps, thereby making operation easier. So users can quickly jump from the light control to their media library to listen to music or check their alarm system or the recordings of their Nest video doorbell in between .

In addition, Google Nest Hub also answers questions about the weather, tells jokes, manages appointments or searches for suitable images on a given topic via Google voice commands. If you like, you can even use the smart display as a digital picture frame and display your own Google Photos there.

Always with you: Google Assistant. The smart voice assistant is of course also integrated on this Google Device and supplements manual operation on the touch display with the option of convenient voice control.

Comfort and entertainment fans should benefit from Google Nest Hub
Most smart devices aim to increase comfort and security while reducing energy consumption. Of course, the entertainment factor should not be neglected. After all, many German users have been using smart devices primarily because of their high entertainment value. As a result, in addition to controlling classic smart home components by voice command, the Nest Hub also offers many options for leisure activities. For example, the music or video playback via YouTube, Spotify, TuneIn and many other streaming services.

Installation and commissioning of the Google Nest Hub
The setup of the smart display is easy to master even for users with only little technical knowledge if they follow our step-by-step instructions:

Peel off the protective film and connect the Google Nest Hub to an electrical outlet.
Download and open the current Google Home app ( Android | iOS ).
On the home screen, the option “1. Set up device ”. Set a name for your own home. If more than one “home” has been linked to the Google account, select one of them. If nothing has been saved, the app will automatically search for nearby Google Nest devices.
In the app, click on the device name that can be seen at the bottom right of the Google Nest Hub display (e.g. GoogleNestHub4701). The connection is now automatic.
Then type in the four-digit code (if it is not already shown in the app) and confirm with "yes". It can be found on the display of the Google Nest Hub.
Then enter the room in which the smart display should be permanently located and connect it to your own WiFi network.
Using the Voice Match function, the Google Assistant voice software installed on the device learns to recognize the voice of its owner and then offers the option of calling up personalized information.

What is compatible with the Google Nest Hub?
Google Assistant

Advantages of Google Nest Hub Smart Display
Extremely light with a weight of 480g
Display can be used as a digital picture frame
Easy to use

Disadvantages of Google Nest Hub Smart Display
The selection of compatible devices is significantly smaller than, for example, Amazon's Alexa
Very wide screen frame / display comparatively small
Display inclination / angle not adjustable
Toggle switch to switch the loudspeakers on and off only as big as a smartphone

Our test conclusion and evaluation of the editorial team for the Google Nest Hub Smart Display
Overall, Google Nest Hub has a solid range of functions and scores with a very clear layout of the operating tiles. We also liked the intuitive handling. For Google Assistant users, it is therefore a practical addition to the Google Home or Google Home Mini speakers from the group.

Unfortunately, the Google Nest Hub display cannot be tilted. Admittedly, this has not yet been possible with Echo Show 2 , where it is not so noticeable due to the larger display. In our test, the reproduction of graphic content (e.g. recipes) due to the rather steep angle of the display was only possible when the device was raised on a shelf or similar. was standing. Placing Google Nest Hub on a table and then watching films on it, on the other hand, requires the user to adjust his seating position to the device. Here we would have liked more comfort of use due to the adjustability of the screen angle, which has long been standard for computer monitors.
In addition, the 7-inch display is relatively small and corresponds to the smallest Kindle e-readers. In addition, the already small display is limited by a comparatively wide frame. We are therefore eagerly awaiting when Google Nest Hub Max will be launched and hope that this 10 inch display will be as easy to use as the small version already available to us.

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