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Are they dating for real ? No, this is a false alarm, they are just attending the awarding night as SBS best couple of the year for their Hit drama series, Heirs. Many thought it was a proposal in front of the media, but it's not, many are touched for their drama series which will be aired in the ABS CBN this 2014, this drama series is compose of several actors and actresses who are in Top of drama acting, such as Kim Ji Won, Kim Woo Bin, Kang Min Hyuk, and also, Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho. Here are the conversation happen that night : MC : Now, I am near the audience’s space. I can’t skip talking about this couple. The Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye couple. Are you guys sitting separately on purpose? Aren’t you? Lee Min Ho : Shin Hye had another schedule, and did that. I wanted to sit next to her, but I couldn’t do it. MC : Do you want to win Best Couple Award? Park Shin Hye : If I say, "No", it’s a lie. Yes. I want to win. MC : Oh, I see. It will be good for you. And there is So Ji Sub. He is here with a great suit. You and Gong Hyo are also Best Couple nominees. So Ji Sub : We are? But I am alone now so I think I can’t get it. MC : Okay… I like your belt. Very big buckle, so great. And here is someone who I can’t skip. Lee Jong Suk and Lee Bo Young couple. What is the great charm of Lee Bo Young? Lee Jong Suk : Uh… Uh… MC : No charm? Seriously? She and you are Best Couple nominees. Lee Bo Young : He forgot about it. Has too much time passed? Lee Jong Suk : She has too much charm so I need time to think. MC : If you say only one? Lee Jong Suk : First of all, she is pretty. MC : Oh… There isn’t great charm. To Lee Bo Young, what is a great charm of Lee Jong Suk? Lee Bo Young : I don’t want to answer right now but I want to win. He is tall, and had a good manner as man when we shot. He was awesome. MC : He was? There are many big stars here. I don’t want to skip this man. You are so handsome. Jo In Sung : Thank you. MC : You are so handsome with whose permission? Jo In Sung : According to my wish in this lifetime. MC : This lifetime kkk, anyway you are so awesome. I want your shoes. Can’t Song Hye Gyo come here because of her shooting? Jo In sung : Unfortunately she couldn’t come here. She is shooting a Chinese film right now. MC : I see, thank you for your great looks. Lee Bo Young, it’s time to reveal the Best Couple. Lee Bo Young : Many couples engaged in a heated competition. The vote has just finished. Kim Woo Bin : Let’s check who is the Best Couple that you guys chose among these ten couples. 2013 SBS Acting Award, Best Couple is Heirs’ Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye. Congratulations. MC : Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye. Congratulations. Lee Min Ho's rival is awarding a prize to him.Tell us your feelings. Lee Min Ho : I feel strange because Young Do gave me this. Kim Woo Bin : Congratulations. Lee Min Ho : Please congratulate with more sincerity. Kim Woo Bin : Con~gratulations! Lee Min Ho : While shooting this drama, I've been asked many times if Park Shin Hye and I were actually dating. They asked if it wasn't really acting, but I am thankful for Eun Sang who understood and took in the spontaneous person that I am. Park Shin Hye : I would like to thank writer Kim Eun Sook for writing such a lovely Tan-Eun couple and the director for shooting it beautifully. As for the charming and lively Minho oppa, I have an introverted personality so I wasn't able to joke around with you, but thank you for leading a lacking younger sister. I’ve been asked the same questions. I think our chemistry was as good as if we were. I want to say thank you to oppa. Oppa, thank you so much. Lee Min Ho : Woo Bin, thanks. MC : Congratulate the couple again.
hope they really became a couple in real life...if can hope to see them get married:-)
loved them so much!!!!!
Kim Tan and Eun Sang couple ! <3 <3