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Savoring a modern take on ‘rijsttafel’
Rijsttafel offers more than just a gargantuan feast in one sitting. It is also rich in a variety and interesting historical and cultural tidbits.
Interesting, what am i looking at
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It is one of the examples of rijsttafel available in a restaurant in Jakarta, consisting of up to 13 Indonesian dishes such as karedok Betawi (uncooked vegetables stirred with peanut salad dressing), bebek opor (roasted tender duck in spicy coconut curry), semur lidah sapi Betawi (stewed ox tounge flavored with cloves, nutmeg and sweet soy sauce), sate lembut Betawi (skewer of spicy minced beef), sayur gambas udang (stir fried Luffa acutangula with eggs, shiitake mushrooms topped with fried prawns) and sambal ijo teri (green chili relish with baby anchovies).
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