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Quoted from the description of the videos: CNBLUE has finally landed in the states for their Blue Moon World Tour! Join in the journey with Mnet America as we follow the boys during their stay in the U.S. and Mexico. We’ll be bringing you EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes access to CNBLUE’s concerts and many more. Stay tuned, as there will be videos uploaded spontaneously throughout CNBLUE’s tour! Be the first to find out what is going on with CNBLUE!
it's about an hour from Santa Ana. where are you from?
@dramacrazy oh cool … how far is Pasadena from Orange County? … never been there although i have cousins in Visalia and Vegas … :D
I went to the one in LA, since I live in OC. Amazing concert! Yes I took pics and video, but I need a tutorial on how to upload them. I've never done it before. technology is not a friend of this ahjumma.
@dramacrazy did you go to the LA or NYC show … I'm so jealous … :D … post pics or vids if you took any … xx
looking forward to seeing those scenes.I was interviewed by Mnet America! I wonder if it will make the cut.