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Social Factor and Students’ Efforts:

How the Students become the Social Contributor of a Society:

If your teenager has a real hard time following directions then it's time to help them learn how to plan ahead. They need to understand that they can't just get a babysitter and go run across town, or do something fun and get drunk and leave the house. Your child needs to understand that they will always be responsible for their own plans and that includes getting and putting together plans on their own. However, when the
y get in trouble, they must be given the benefit of the doubt because they don't always know what they are doing and it takes some communication skills to teach them.

What the Young Students Needs to Know About?

The first thing they need to understand is that they don't have to do everything that they are told. This happens often and they need to understand that they shouldn't be taken advantage of and they will need to take responsibility for what they are doing. Parents who are not involved in their lives and do not set reasonable boundaries for their children are not teaching them right from wrong and this can lead to negative consequences. Another thing your child needs to learn is that they should never just "do their own plans." They must allow the adults to work with them so that they can learn what is required. This means that they must listen to adults and that they must be accountable for the decisions that they make.
They are not as involved in their life as they would like, and they are not really benefiting because they are not taking responsibility for what they are doing. Their inability to follow directions means that they need to learn that they need to set up their own plans and that they need to learn how to plan things. For example, if a neighbor is throwing a party, they should have the parties scheduled and get people to attend and participate, but they must also call the parents first.

The Role of Parents to make the Students’ Socialization Process:

Parents can help by saying that they are busy with their work and they don't have the time to be available, but if they only have time to call after hours or on weekends, then they don't have time to organize the plans. They need to get involved in planning the parties so that they can all have time together. As teen ages, they need to understand that they need to know when to say no and that they need to stop doing something they want to do. It's important to show them that they should never feel that they are responsible for everyone else's decisions.
Too often teenagers say yes to things that they shouldn't because they don't want to have a bad reaction. They should be careful that their words don't offend people, and they need to understand that they aren't responsible for everyone else's reaction.
Teenagers will always feel guilty about taking drugs and they will probably want to get high anyway, but they should understand that they are responsible for what they do. They need to realize that they are not going to get away with stealing anything and they need to be able to trust their parents and not be afraid of being caught.
In fact, they need to understand that their parents are there to help them because they are good people who are working to try to improve their lives. There is nothing wrong with trying to help a teenager to be a better person, but they need to understand that they need to be good at something before they can turn to them for help. The parents in the socialization process must also take care of students’ academic assignment and their deadlines.
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