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but I prefer the nerd or the naughty one >.<
You can have all of these in one! Just not the suit + snapback, those should be kept separate haha
hahahahah @cheerfulcallie it's alright that you see this now! and see I knew I wouldn't be the only one who thought of this lol and no dear you are not asking for the impossible don't worry!!
@cheerfulcallie it's okay to be greedy.. who knows one day you'll get bad boy who have money and job..hahah
@ameliasantos10 ooyyy, I did not see this until now and yes, ill definitely put the bad boy in the suit, lolz!! Can i not have the best of both worlds?! Am I being too greedy and asking for the impossible? No way...aahh nahh!!'
hahahahah this is such a sensitive subject so hard to decide! but personally i also like funny guys ahahha so many things that i look for! speaking of this i suddenly miss @cheerfulcallie I feel like she would have so much to say about this!!
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