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GOT7 ~ GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS ( for those who don't know their name , look at the bottom of my message )
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HEYYYYY WAZZ UP GUYS??? :) so i'm sure that you guys already heard of the new band GOT7 byyyyyyy ( drum rolls ) ( whisper ) JYP... :3 so i'm sure most of you are already choosing your bias or you choosed it already :> I KNOW I DID!!! >.< mine is ( drum roll again) BAM BAM!!! he's so adorable~ he's from Thailand :> , any Thailand followers around here ? ^_^ you have all my love and support <3 oh and btw.. guys i have made garaetteok ( rice cake) , not that soft because i didn't keep on pounding on the rice after i put it in microwave >.< i will next time but heyy SUCCESS!!! HAVE A GOOD DAYYY !! LOVE YOU GUYS!! <3 1: JB. 2:BAMBAM 3:JACKSON 4:YOUNGJAE 5:MARK 6:YUGYEOM 7:JR.
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